Computer Acronyms

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  1. ALGOL
    Algorithmic Language
  2. AOL; MSN
    America Online; Microsoft Network
  3. ASCII
    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  4. BASIC
    Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  5. BBS
    Bulletin Board System
  6. CAD; CAM
    Computer-Aided Design; Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  7. COBOL
    Common Business-Oriented Language
  8. CPU
    Central Processing Unit
  9. CRT
    Cathrode-Ray Tube
  10. EFT
    Electronic Funds Transfer
  11. HTML
    Hypertext Markup Language
  12. HTTP
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  13. IP; ISP
    Internet Protocol; Internet Service Provider
  14. LAN; WAN
    Local Area Network; Wide Area Network
  15. MIPS
    Million Instructions Per Second
  16. MS;DOS
    MicroSoft; Disc Operating System
  17. OCR
    Optional Character Recognizer(Reader)
  18. PC
    Personal Computer
  19. PDA
    Personal Digital Assistant
  20. POS
    Point-Of-Sale (Terminal)
  21. PPP
    Point to Point Protocol
  22. RAM; CD-ROM
    Random Assess Memory; Compact Disc Read Only Memory
  23. UNIVAC
    Universal Automatic Computer
  24. URL
    Uniform Resource Locator
  25. WOMBAT
    Waste of Money, Brains, and Time
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