Laboratory tests, chemistries and symbols

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  1. ABG
    arterial blood gas

    blood drawn from an artery--evaluates whether there is adequate oxygenation in the bloodstream
  2. ACP
    acute care panel

    a collection of chemistry tests that is also known as an electrolyte panel
  3. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen

    CRE and BUN usually indicates renal (kidney) failure if high
  4. C&S
    culture and sensitivity

    ordered to check for bacterial growth; if there see what antibiotic is appropriate in killing the bacteria. Can take up to 72 hours to get this result
  5. CBC
    complete blood count

    blood test that evaluates the blood's capacity to carry oxygen and cells that fight off infection
  6. chem.

    denotes lab tests used to measure blood chemistry levels. Can order a chem. 24 is is most tests, or a chem. 12 which is a shorter test
  7. CSF
    cerebral spinal fluid

    a test called a spinal tap is performed to check for meningitis
  8. CXR
    chest X ray
  9. DPT
    diphtheria, perfussis, tetanus

    • a vaccination for these diseases; today doctors call it DTP
    • pertussis is known as whooping cough
  10. FBS
    fasting blood sugar

    patient has not had anything to eat since the previous midnight
  11. HCT

    a blood level that is usually evaluated as part of a CBC it looks at the volume of blood in relation to the volume of cells
  12. Hgb

    Part of a red blood cell and is responsible for carrying oxygen
  13. lytes

    a laboratory blood test usually contains potassium (K+), sodium (Na), chloride (C), carbon dioxide (CO2) and sometimes glucose (Glu)
  14. O&P
    ova and parasites

    usually denotes a lab test performed on fecal matter (stool, bowel movement)
  15. O2
  16. RBC
    red blood cells

    also known as erythrocyte
  17. TB

    a contagious disease of tuberculosis
  18. UA

    a laboratory test of urine that looks for protein, specific gravity, sugar, pH and other chemistries
  19. WBC
    white blood cells

    3 common WBCs are: lymphs-denotes virus, bands -denotes bacteria and eosinophils - denotes an allergic reaction
  20. Ca
  21. Cl
  22. CRE

    along with BUN it indicates renal (kidney) failure if high
  23. Fe
  24. Glu
  25. K+
  26. Na
  27. NaHCO3
    sodium bicarbonate

    usually studied as part of an ABG (arterial blood gas) & is indicative of the patient's pH acid base balance
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