Elect/Fire protect/fuel

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  1. Primar sources for AC power?
    1 engine & 1 APU driven generators
  2. Normal source of DC power?
    4 TRUs rated at 120 amps each
  3. Number of batteries and location?
    • 2 nicad batteries
    • one in aft equipment bay (APU)
    • one in nose compartment wTRUs (main)
  4. When can the IDG auto disconnect?
    Overtemp or over torque
  5. When will GCU remove gen from bus system?
    • Over/under voltage
    • Over/under frequency
    • Gen/bus overcurrent
    • Gen phase out of sequence
  6. What does FAIL lite in AUTO XFER switchlight along with amber EICAS msg AUTO XFER FAIL indicate?
    Bus fault of gen overcurrent
  7. Control of DC TIE contactors?
    Automatic by 2-DC power centers
  8. What areas are protected by fire and/or overheat protection system?
    • Engines
    • APU
    • Main landing gear bay
    • Bleed ducts
  9. Benefits of dual detection loop system?
    Redundancy & dispatchability
  10. Number of firex bottles for engine fire extinguishing?
    2 halon bottles
  11. How many firex bottles provided for APU fire extinguishing?
    1 halon bottle
  12. APU extinguishing activate automatically?
    APU fire on the ground
  13. Nuber of smoke detectors in the cargo compartment?
    3 in fwd cargo bay & 2 in aft cargo compartment
  14. Which areas are protected by dual loop system?
    • Engines
    • APU
    • Bleed ducts
  15. What powers the fuel system ejector pumps (transfer, scavenge, main)?
    Motive flow
  16. Selecting either fuel boost pump switch lights on cause?
    Arms both boost pumps, & if low fuel feed pressure is detected, both pumps turn on
  17. Amber FUEL IMBALANCE caution message displayed when?
    fuel imbalance > 800lbs
  18. How does fuel get to the APU?
    feeds from the left wing tank
  19. Pneumatic system can receive pressurized air from what source?
    • 6th or 10th stagebleed air
    • APU
    • External ground air
  20. How is distribution of bleed air managed?
    • Automatically controlled by 2 ACSCs in AUTO
    • Manually using bleed air panel
  21. What determines 6th or 10th stage bleed used?
    ACSC aut determines source based on system demand
  22. Can APU supply bleed air to anti-ice sys?
  23. With bleed valves selected closed, can external air be used?
  24. Actions initiated on pneumatic sys by selecting START pushbutton?
    • ISOL valve opens
    • Pack valves close
    • Assoc start valve opens
    • Eng air turbine starter (ATS) engaged
  25. APU ops, parameters met for auto switching from APU to eng bleed after takeoff?
    • Gear up
    • Flaps 20* or less
    • Thrust levers reduced from TOGA detent
  26. APU ops, parameters met for auto switching from eng bleed to APU on approach?
    • Flaps > 20*
    • Gear down
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