The Renaissance,The Italian Renaissance & Northern Renaissance

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  1. Renaissance means:________
  2. Humanism means?
    Human intrest, on achivements.
  3. 3 biggest influences on fashion during the Renaissance?
    • Art
    • Architecture
    • Literature
    • Science
    • Religion
  4. How did wealthy merchants make their money?
  5. What 2 crucial ways did it affect Italians?
    • Religion
    • Fashionable ways
  6. What were the Sumptuary Laws?
    Middle class or lower class are allowed one outfit. (One Outdoor and One Indoor.)
  7. Undergarments Italian wore for men and women were called:
  8. What was a Doublet (Men)? What is a Peplum?
    • Doublet;Jacket/Shirt
    • Peplum; Section below waist.
  9. What is a Houppelande?
    Outer drape garment [Robe]
  10. What is a Huke?
    Vest w|no sides (Cape-like)
  11. Cross cultural influence can be seen in what garment?
    Turnic (Turkish Hat)
  12. How would High Renaissance women would dress?
    • (1) Camica
    • (2) Undergown
    • (3)Overgown
  13. How were the necklines on women dresses?
    Square or Squared with deep "V"
  14. During the Northern Renaissance the 2 big people of time were?
    Queen Elizabeth and Henry VIII
  15. Middle age influence was the same as?
  16. Who really liked Slashing ans Paning in their clothes?
    King Henry VIII
  17. What were Breeches?
    Wideness in shoulder.
  18. Why was the Spanish Influenced?
    Very powerful (Politically)
  19. What is Bombast?
    Stuffing of grass
  20. What is Peascod Belly?
    Doublets lower stomach
  21. What is Ruff?
    High Collar out of lace
  22. What were the 3 phases for Women's dress?
    • Outergown (Medevil Influence)
    • Spanish Influence (Hour glasss)
    • Queen Elizabeth
  23. What is a Petticoat?
  24. What is a Conch?
    Lace Vail (<3 Shaped)
  25. Woman's Undergarments are now used to?
    Shape the body
  26. What is Farthingale?
    Spanish A-Line
  27. What is Bum-Roll?
    Padded Lace
  28. What is a Wheel Farthingale?
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