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  1. At va'ge [ad] et ijtu ata dat Ivan.
    I'd like you to meet my friend, Ivan. [Lit: "I'd like that you be acquainted with..."]
  2. Ce gla if ijter et.
    Very pleased to meet you. [Lit: "It is a great pleasure to..."]
  3. Od ce eta d'un?
    What's your name?
  4. Ata d'un ce Maria.
    My name is Mary.
  5. Odmu et tome?
    Where do you live?
  6. At tome New Yorku/eroz'aki udma.
    I live in New York/two kilometers from here.
  7. Et tome idmu ji od?
    How long have you lived there? [Lit: "You live there since what?"]
  8. At tome ida d
    omu ji alo jabi.
  9. Od ce eta 'es? What do you do for a living? [Lit: "What is your work?"]
  10. At 'ese ge biktut. A' ev et?
    I work as a nurse. And you?
  11. At eju ke'e 'es.
    I am currently looking for work.
  12. Ev et a'e aga tod?
    Do you have a big family?
  13. Ata tedeti ce odjaga?
    How old are your children? [Lit: "What-aged are..."]
  14. Gajagat ce ale jaga a' gajogat ce 'u jaga.
    The elder is twelve years old and the younger is nine. [Lit: " 12 of 9 of age."]
  15. Ev et ge' ce tadca (or: tada'a)?
    Are you also married?
  16. Vo. At ce tadokca/tad'onca/tado'a.
    No. I'm widowed/divorced/unmarried. [Lit: "mate-lost/mate-separated/mate-less"]
  17. Odmu et tija?
    Where were you born?
  18. At tija 'ub udem.
    I was born near here.
  19. Odju et emk'ala udmu?
    When did you move here. [Lit: "....change location..."]
  20. At pua ji e jabi.
    I arrived four years ago. [Lit: "...since four years"]
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