Med. Term. (chapter 16)

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  1. adipose
    pertaining to fat
  2. albinism
    condition of no pigment in skin, hair, and eyes (white skin)
  3. causalgia
    intense burning sensation in the skin (due to nerve damage)
  4. electrocautery
    wires used during surgery to burn through tissue
  5. subcutaneous
    pertaining to beneath the skin
  6. epidermis
    outermost layer of skin
  7. dermatitis
    inflammmation of skin
  8. dermatoplasty
    surgical repair of the skin
  9. dermatologist
    specialist in diseases of the skin
  10. dermabrasion
    a surgical procedure to remove acne scars, tattoos, and fine wrinkles. skin is scraped away; sandpaper or mechanical methods are used on frozen skin
  11. epidermolysis
    loosening of the skin
  12. diaphoresis
    condition of profuse sweating
  13. erythema
    condition of redness of the skin (flushing)
  14. anhidrosis
    condition of lack of sweat
  15. ichthyosis
    abnormal condition of dry, scaly skin (fish-like skin)
  16. keratosis
    abnormal condition of thickened areas of the skin (horny cells accumulate)
  17. leukoplakia
    condition of white plaques on the skin
  18. lipoma
    tumor (benign) of fat tissue
  19. liposuction
    removal of subcutaneous fat tissue w/a blunt-tipped cannula (tube) through which suction (aspiration) is applied
  20. melanocyte
    cell that forms melanin and is found in the epidermis of the skin
  21. melanoma
    tumor (malignant) of melanocytes
  22. mycosis
    any disease caused by fungus
  23. onycholysis
    separation of nail plate from the nail bed in fungal infections or after trauma
  24. onychomycosis
    abnormal condition of fungal infection of nails
  25. paronychia
    condition of inflammation and swelling (infection) of the tissue around the nail.
  26. dermatophytosis
    abnormal condition of fungus (plant) infection in the skin
  27. pilosebaceous
    pertaining to a sebaceous gland and hair
  28. pyoderma
    condition of pus infection within the skin
  29. rhytidectomy
    removal of wrinkles
  30. seborrhea
    "flow of sebum"; disturbance of sebaceous glands marked by increase in the flow of sebum
  31. squamous epithelium
    pertaining to the scale-like cells that cover the outside of the body (epidermis) and line the inner tubes of the body
  32. steatoma
    mass, tumor arising from sebaceous glands; sebaceous cyst
  33. trichomycosis
    disease of the hair due to a fungal infection
  34. subungual
    pertaining to under a nail
  35. xanthoma
    flat, slightly elevated, rounded plaque or nodule usually found on the eyelids
  36. xeroderma
    abnormal condition of dry, rough skin
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