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  1. What is common in comotose patients
    paralytic ileus
  2. What aids in gastric decompression
    gastric tubes
  3. What can cause an increase due to cerbral metabolism and what is it caused by
    cerbral edema
  4. what do you report in pt with a head injury
  5. When do you not give an entral tube feed ____amount of residual
    100 mL
  6. Enteral tubes may cause ___in unconsious pt.
  7. Unconsious pt may be fed by?
    enteral tube feed
  8. What may indicate Inter cranial pressure (ICP)
    subtle changes restlessness, irritabilty, or confusion
  9. What carries the risk of meningitis and indicates deteroriating condition?
    Cerberal spinal fluid leakage
  10. When is ICP reduced in pt with head injury?
    CSF leakage
  11. when is it most common for pernenant paralysis to occur when the spinal cord is compressed
    12-24 hours
  12. In which vertabrates do you need to asess the pt. respiratory status?
    c-3 to c-5
  13. why should you avoid narcotics?
    because they mask the level of responsiveness
  14. which agents reduce siezures?
  15. what are carinotomy preop meds
    corticosteroids because they reduce swelling
  16. which agents and osmotic diuretics to reduce secretions
    atropine and robinul
  17. what is the common cause of death that occurs after spinal cord injury?
    urinary tract infection
  18. why must even benign tumors must be treated promptly
    the can cause ICP
  19. craninal nerve 1
    olfactory sense of smell-close eyes smell coffe grounds, perfume, pickle juice
  20. Craninal nerve 2
    optic- eyes visuial acuity snellen test
  21. cranial nerve 3
    occulomotor- PERRL-A motor eyelid movement
  22. Cranial nerve 4
    trochlear- lateral eye movement direction of gaze
  23. Cranial nerve 5
    trigeminal- facial motor biting, chewing lateral jaw
  24. Cranial nerve 6
    abducens- extroccular eye movement lateral
  25. Cranial nerve 7
    Facial-motor expression lacrimal &salivary glands
  26. Cranial nerve 8
    acousticsense of hearing and balance
  27. cranial nerve 9
    glossphryngeal-gag reflex swallowing taste throat and posterior tongue
  28. cranial nerve 10
    Vegus posterior tongue throat larynx heart lungs bronchi, gi tract anal wink
  29. Cranial nerve 11
    spinal accessory motor shoulder movement and head rotation
  30. Cranial nerve 12
    hypoglossal-motor tongue movement articulation of speech
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