Turbine Operation

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  1. Start Procedures for turbine engines can be found?
    Airframe Manufactures Manual
  2. Controls feather , min and max rpm?
    Propeller Lever
  3. Controls reverse , beta , power range?
    Power Lever
  4. Controls Cut-off , low and high idle?
    Fuel lever
  5. Define hung start
    No acceration during start
  6. Define hot start
    Exceeding maximum temperature limits on start-up
  7. Dry motoring run ?
    No fuel ,no ignition , cranking starter
  8. Purpose of a dry motoring run?
    To remove trapped fuel or fuel vapor in engine
  9. Would the boost pump be on or off during a dry motoring run?
  10. Why is the boost pump on during the dry motoring run?
    To lubricate engine driven fuel pump
  11. Why would you choose to leave the boost pump off while doing a dry motoring run?
    If you have reason to believe fuel is leaking past the fuel shut off
  12. How long can you run the fuel pump with the boost pump off ?
    10 hours , log time and replace fuel pump when total tome exceeded
  13. Wet motoring run?
    fuel on , ignition off, cranking starter
  14. Purpose of a wet motoring run?
    to test or do checks on the fuel system
  15. What must be done after a wet motoring run , before starting ?
    Dry motoring run
  16. When first starting what are the 2 gauges to watch?
    • N1 speed and oil pressure
    • (then ITT after fuell is added)
  17. At what n1 speed is the fuel lever moved from cut off?
    12% N1
  18. [Starting] N1 reached and fuel being introduced. How long to wait for a ITT rise ?
    If no rise what is done?
    • 10 seconds
    • Abort start if longer
    • dry metering run to remove any fuel before restart
  19. PT6 self sustaining speed?
    55% N1
  20. When starting a PT6 with glow plugs what must be done?
    at 12% N1 , glowplugs 5 seconds , then add fuel
  21. When starting PT6 what is the prop angle set to?
    Fine pitch
  22. What "tool" is used on the KingAir PT6 when setting the max NG speed (topping)?
    Part Power trim stop
  23. When topping max NG with a part power trim stop, what is the desired rpm to see?
  24. How do you adjust the minimum fuel flow on the PT6?
    Unhook PY and compare Ng speed to chart , set with the adjustment screw
  25. Minimum fuel flow adjustment screw moves what?
    Metering valve
  26. How many clicks each direction can the acceleration dome be turned?
    3 clicks each way
  27. Procedure for checking acceleration ? (engine is already warm)
    • fuel lever - ground idle
    • power lever - max power
    • mark power lever position then
    • move power lever to 64% Ng
    • wait 1 second
    • Bring power back to original position and time acceleration -- compare to chart
  28. What reaon would you adjust the minimum fuel flow setting?
    Troubleshooting starts
  29. When starting the PT6 what are the 6 parameters that must not be exceeded?
    • Torque
    • ITT
    • NG
    • NP
    • Oil Pressure
    • Oil temperature
  30. Before starting turbine engine without ground cart , what must be checked?
    Battery voltage to ensure smooth start
  31. 2 things tracked in between overhauls for limits?
    Hours and Cycles
  32. approaching hot start - what do you do?
    • Fuel cut off
    • ignition off
    • continue cranking
  33. What position is the bleed valve on startup?
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