Elite B 251-375

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  1. objective
    having actual existence or reality; not influenced by emotion or personal prejudice
  2. rejoinder
    an answer, esp. to another answer
  3. sententious
    expressing much in few words; given to pompous moralizing
  4. defame
    to attack a person's reputation; to slander
  5. bellicose
  6. redeem
    to turn in and receive something in exchange; to make up for
  7. inept
    without skill; ansurd or foolish
  8. sunservient
    subordinate in function; obsequious
  9. punitive
    inflicting or intended to inflict punishment
  10. pedantic
    putting unnecessary stress on minor or purely academic knowledge
  11. appease
    to satisfy or attempt to satisfy demands by granting concessions
  12. sojourn
    a brief visit
  13. entrepreneur
    a person who starts and manages a business
  14. obtrude
    to push forward; to impose on others
  15. tremulous
    shaking; fearful
  16. wheedle
    to persuade or obtain through flattery or cunning
  17. heresy
    deviation from church doctrine or from an established belief
  18. symbiotic
    involving a close relationship of mutual dependence
  19. slipshod
    marked by carelessness or casual attention to detail; sloppy
  20. reprehensible
    deserving to be severely criticized
  21. solicit
    to ask for; to seek
  22. obscure
    lacking light; dim; dark
  23. reiterate
    to repeat
  24. sardonic
    bitterly sneering; mocking
  25. prevalent
    dominant; widespread
  26. acoustics
    science of sound;quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
  27. surmise
    to infer something by intuition or with slender evidence; such an inference
  28. auditory
    relating to the sense of hearing
  29. whimsical
    not able to be predicted; constantly changing
  30. self-abnegation
    the putting aside of personal interest for the sake of others
  31. refractory
    stubbornly resistant to control, authority, or treatment
  32. truculent
    inclined to fight; expressing violence or hostility
  33. raucous
  34. loud and harsh
  35. fertile
    producing abundantly; prolific
  36. fortuitous
    occuring by chance
  37. stentorian
    extremely loud
  38. recreant
    showing faithless disloyalty; a disloyal coward
  39. parsimony
    excessive care in spending; stinginess
  40. reverie
  41. collaborate
    to work together, esp. at an intellectual effort
  42. sycophant
    one who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence
  43. hone
    to sharpen; to make more effective
  44. rectitude
    conduct according to moral principles
  45. opaque
    not letting in light; unintelligible
  46. nascent
    coming into being; being born
  47. pervade
    to spread through, or be present throughout
  48. recapitulate
    to summarize; to paraphrase
  49. tamper
    to interfere, esp. in order to damage or weaken
  50. scoff
    to make fun of; to ridicule
  51. canny
    clever and cautious
  52. moribund
    approaching death; nearly obsolete
  53. tractable
    easily managed or controlled
  54. commence
    to begin
  55. pariah
    a social outcast
  56. scourge
    a cause of widespread suffering
  57. overwrought
    extremely nervous or excited
  58. oust
    to eject or expel
  59. surreptitious
    done secretly, often of something unseemly or unethical
  60. capsize
    to overturn
  61. mandarin
    a high government official; a member of an elite group, esp. having high status in intellectual or cultural circles
  62. venerate
    to look upon with respect and honor
  63. millenium
    a period of 1000 ears
  64. mesmerize
    to hypnotize or spellbind
  65. prodigious
    wonderful; amazing; very big
  66. saunter
    to walk in a leisurely manner
  67. intricate
    elaborately detailed
  68. credible
    capable of being believed
  69. subtle
    not immediately obvious; hard to understand
  70. shiftless
    lazy; lacking ambition
  71. notorious
    having a bad reputation
  72. bureaucracy
    a group of officials and administrators, esp. of a government
  73. resign
    to accept a bad situation
  74. panacea
    a cure-all or an all-purpose
  75. eschew
    to avoid; to shun
  76. assert
    to state confidently
  77. nomenclature
    a specialized list of terms words or names
  78. docile
    easy to teach; submissive
  79. nonpareil
    having no equal
  80. mayhem
    deliberate injury of someone, especially maiming; a state of violent chaos
  81. pious
    exhibiting reverence and religious onservation
  82. poise
    self-assurance; composure; equilibrium
  83. abound
    to be plentiful
  84. rapture
    the experience of great joy; ecstasy
  85. umbrage
    offense; resentment
  86. perspicacious
    having keen perception or understanding
  87. nirvana
    a place of ideal peace and harmony
  88. primate
    a bishop of highest rank in a country or province
  89. alloy
    a mixture, esp. of two or more metals
  90. precursor
    someone or something that coems before another and announces or suggests what is to come
  91. convey
    to carry or transmit; to communicate
  92. menagerie
    a collection of wild and strange animals kept in cages
  93. secrete
    to put or keep in a hiding place; to conceal
  94. patent
    obvious; evident
  95. manacles
    shackles; handcuffs
  96. renegade
    someone who rejects one group, cause, or allegiance for another
  97. malicious
  98. pronounced
    strongly marked; clearly indicated
  99. propensity
    a natural inclination; a tendency
  100. transparent
    obvious; undisguised
  101. harrowing
    very distressing; painful
  102. sedulous
    working hard and steadily; diligent
  103. venture
    to take a risk; to dare; to dare to go
  104. forte
    something at which a person excels
  105. coy
    bashful; shy; quient; pretending to be shy
  106. oscillate
    to move back and forth regularly
  107. opprobrium
    a bad reputation or disgrace gained after a specific action
  108. gaudy
    characterized by tasteless or showy colors
  109. raze
    to demolish; to flatten to ground level
  110. circumvent
    to go around; bypass; to surround
  111. squander
    to spend wastefully
  112. propaganda
    material distributed by those in favor of a specific cause and reflecting their point of view
  113. nercenary
    greedy; motivated by desire for money
  114. debase
    to make lower in value, quality, or character
  115. passe
    old fashioned; out of style
  116. grandeur
    magnificence; splendor
  117. metamorphosis
    a transformation, as by magic; a marked change in appearance or function
  118. travesty
    an imitation that makes a serious thing seem ridiculous
  119. rhapsody
    a state of great happiness; such a state expressed in speech or writing
  120. abjure
    to renounce under oath; to give up or deny
  121. pantheon
    all the gods of a people; a group highly respected in a field
  122. proclivity
    a natural or habitual tendency or inclination
  123. humdrum
    dull; routine; commonplace
  124. feat
    an act or accomplishment showing skill
  125. obliging
    ready to do favors; helpful; courteous
  126. somnolent
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