Ch 17 Comb. Forms

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  1. aqueous humor
    watery fluid that circulates through the posterior and anterior chambers of the eye.
  2. blepharitis
    inflammation of an eyelid
  3. blepharoptosis
    prolapse (sagging) of an eyelid
  4. conjunctivitis
    inflammation of the conjunctiva
  5. anisocoria
    Pupils are of unequal size.
  6. corneal abrasion
    defect in the surface of the cornea
  7. lacrimal
    pertaining to tears
  8. cycloplegic
    pertaining to paralysis of the ciliary muscle (causing paralysis of accomodation)
  9. dacryoadenitis
    inflammation of a lacrimal (tear) gland
  10. iritis
    inflammation of the iris
  11. iridic
    pertaining to the iris
  12. iridectomy
    removal of (a portion) of the iris
  13. keratitis
    inflammation of the cornea
  14. lacrimation
    the process of forming tears
  15. intraocular
    pertaining to within the eye
  16. ophthalmologist
    One who specializes in the study of the eye, its disorders and treatment.
  17. ophthalmic
    pertaining to the eye
  18. ophthalmoplegia
    paralysis of the eye (muscles)
  19. optic
    pertaining to the eye or to vision
  20. optometrist
    one who measures (examines) eyes and prescribes lenses
  21. optician
    one who grinds lenses and fits glasses
  22. palpebral
    pertaining to the eyelid
  23. papilledema
    swelling of the optic disc (associated with increased intracranial pressure) and hyperemia (increased blood flow)
  24. phacoemulsification
    technique of cataract extraction using high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to remove the clouded lens.
  25. aphakia
    absence of the lens of the eye
  26. pupillary
    pertaining to the pupil
  27. retinitis
    inflammation of the retina
  28. hypertensive retinopathy
    disease of the retina associated with (secondary to ) high blood pressure
  29. corneoscleral
    pertaining to the cornea and scleral layers of the eye
  30. scleritis
    inflammation of the sclera
  31. uveitis
    inflammation of the uvea (vascular layer of the eye)
  32. vitreous humor
    clear, watery fluid filling the jelly-like mass (vitreous body) that fills the cavity of the eyeball
  33. amblyopia
    dullness of vision (can be caused by poor nutrition, trauma to the eye, or supression of vision in one eye to avoid diplopia
  34. diplopia
    double vision (the perception of two images of a single object)
  35. glaucoma
    disease of the eye marked by increased intraocular pressure
  36. miosis
    condition of contraction of the pupils
  37. mydriasis
    condition of enlargement of the pupils
  38. nyctalopia
    condition of night blindness
  39. photophobia
    condition of sensitivity to light
  40. presbyopia
    condition of defective vision with advancing age; loss of accomodation
  41. scotoma
    Area of depressed vision surrounded by area of normal vision (blind spot)
  42. xerophthalmia
    condition of dry eyes
  43. hyperopia
  44. hemianopsia
    condition of absence of vision in half of a visual field.
  45. esotropia
    condition in which the eyes turn inward
  46. acoustic
    pertaining to hearing or sound
  47. audiogram
    record of hearing as taken by an audiometer
  48. auditory
    pertaining to hearing
  49. aural
    pertaining to the ear
  50. postauricular
    pertaining to behind the ear
  51. cochlear
    pertaining to the cochlea (spiral shaped tube in the inner ear)
  52. mastoiditis
    inflammation of the mastoid process (behind the ear)
  53. myringotomy
    incision of the eardrum
  54. myringitis
    inflammation of the eardrum
  55. ossiculoplasty
    surgical repair of a middle ear bone
  56. otic
    pertaining to the ear
  57. otomycosis
    abnormal condition of a fungal infection in the ear
  58. otopyorrhea
    discharge of pus from the ear.
  59. otolaryngologist
    Specialist in the ear larynx (upper respiratory region)
  60. salpingopharyngeal
    pertaining to the eustachian tube and the throat
  61. stapedectomy
    removal of the stapes bone (middle ear bone)
  62. tympanoplasty
    surgical repair of the eardrum
  63. vestibulocochlear
    pertaining to the vestibule and the cochlea of the inner ear. This is the 8th cranial nerve (acoustic nerve)
  64. hyperacusis
    abnormally acute sensitivity to sounds
  65. presbycusis
    progressive, bilateral hearing loss occurring with age.
  66. audiometer
    instrument to measure the sharpness of hearing
  67. macrotia
    condition of large ears
  68. microtia
    condition of small ears
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