Vocab July Wk 4

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  1. Choleric (kaloric) (kaleric)
    Angry, irate
  2. Chagrin (shagrin)
    disquietude or distress of mind caused by humiliation disappointment, or failure.

    i.e. She had gained five pounds over the winter, much to her chagrin.
  3. egregious (egreejus)


    i.e. an egregious example of political bias
  4. belie
    • to give a false impression of
    • contradict
    • present appearance not in agreement
    • disguise

    • i.e. Their actions belie their claim to be innocent
    • i.e. a tree whose delicate beauty belies its real toughness
  5. cauldron
    large kettle or boiler
  6. antinomian
    one who holds that under the gospel dispensation of grace the moral law is of no use or obligation because faith alone is necessary to salvation

    one who rejects a socially established morality
  7. abnegation
    denial esp: self-denial

    i.e. The couple's sudden abnegation of life in the fast lane for work as missionaries stunned everyone
  8. ameliorate (ameeleeorate)
    to make better or more tolerable; improve
  9. auspicious
    affording a favorable auspice (favorable sign);

    i.e. His acclaimed first novel was an auspicious debut.
  10. predispose
  11. maelstrom (maelstrum)
    a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius or something resembling this.
  12. avarice (avares)
    excessive or insatiable desire for wealth or gain : greediness, cupidity
  13. symposium
    convivial party with music and conversation

    social gathering at which there is free interchange of ideas

    formal meeting at which several specialists deliver short addresses on a topic or on related topics

    collection of opinions on a subject

  14. disingenuous
    lacking in candor; also : giving a false appearance of simple frankness

    ie. Her recent expressions of concern are self-serving and disingenuous (seems like obviously insincere)
  15. ostensible
  16. evince
    • to constitute outward evidence of
    • to display clearly: reveal
    • show

    i.e. She evinced an interest in art at an early age
  17. juvenilia
    compositions produced in the artist's or authors youth

    artistic or literary compositions suited to or designed for the young
  18. vicissitude
    • the quality or state of being changeable
    • an event that happens by chance (the vicissitudes of daily life)
    • a difficulty or hardship attendant on a way of life, a career, or a course of action and usually beyond one's control
    • alternating change: succession (week)
  19. idiosyncrasy
    a peculiarity of constitution or temperament : an individualizing characteristic or quality

    individual hypersensitiveness (as to a drug or food)


    • i.e. The current system has a few idiosyncrasies
    • Her habit of using "like" in every sentence was just one of her idiosyncrasies.
  20. erudition
    extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books
  21. apt
    ready, likely, inclined, suited for a purpose,
  22. veritable
    being in fact the thing named and not false, unreal, or imaginary -- often used to stress the aptness of a metaphor ( a veritable mountain of references)
  23. sobriquet (sobrekay) (sobreket)
    nickname or epithet

    Ty Cobb was also known by the sobriquet " The Georgia Peach"
  24. precocious
    • exceptionally early in development or occurrence
    • exhibiting mature qualities at an unusually early age

    she was a precocious child who could read before she went to school.
  25. vanguard
    troops moving at the head of an army

    forefront of an action or movement

    Talk radio is often regarded as being in the vanguard of the conservative movement.
  26. perspicacious (perspicashus)
    acute mental vision or discernment : keen, shrewd
  27. rapacious (rapayshus)
    • excessively covetous
    • living on prey
    • voracious

    nothing livens things up like a whole team of rapacious basketball players descending upon the pizza parlor.
  28. ipso facto
    by that very fact or act: as an inevitable result

  29. inexorable (enXorable)
    not to be persuaded, moved, or stopped : relentless
  30. inimical
    being adverse often by reason of hostility; unfriendly
  31. copious
    • yielding something abundantly
    • plentiful in number
    • full of thought, information, or matter
    • plentiful
  32. visceral
    • deep (a visceral conviction)
    • not intellectual : instinctive
  33. cordon
    a line of troops or of military posts enclosing an area to prevent passage.
  34. portentous
    relating or constitution something that foreshadows a coming event : oment, sign

    eliciting amazement or wonder

    being a grave or serious matter

    self-consciously solemn or important: pompous

  35. concomitant
    accompanying or coexisting especially in a subordinate or incidental way

    • the drugs risks increase with the concomitant use of alcohol
    • an improvement in the facilities led to a concomitant improvement in morale
  36. inculcate
    to teach and impress by frequent repetitions or admonitions implant
  37. accolade
    ceremonial embrace
  38. recognizance
    token; pledge

    obligation of record entered into before a court or magistrate requiring the performance of an act (as appearance in court) usually under penalty of a money forfeiture
  39. culpable
    guilty criminal
  40. parsimonious
    niggardly, stingy, cheap
  41. Tenuous
    not dense or thick or having much substance or strength

    flimsy, weak, shaky
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