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    • Central

    At the center of the body or organ
  1. Opposite of Peripheral
  2. Deep
    Away from the surface

    Opposite of Superficial
  3. Superficial
    Near the surface

    Opposite of Deep
  4. Posterior

    Toward the back

    Opposite of Anterior
  5. Anterior

    Toward the front

    Opposite of Posterior
  6. Distal
    Further from the point of attachment (usually trunk)

    Opposite of Proximal
  7. Anatomical Position
    Standing/Laying facing forward, palms up, feet pointed forward
  8. Transverse Plane

    Divides body/organ into Superior and Inferior portions
  9. Frontal Plane

    Divides body/organ into Anterior and Posterior portions
  10. Sagittal Plane
    (Midsagittal, Median)

    Divides body/organ into Left and Right portions
  11. Contralateral
    On the opposite side of

    Opposite of Ipsilateral
  12. Ipsilateral
    On the same side as

    Opposite of Contralateral
  13. Superior
    Toward the top

    (head, above)

    Opposite of Inferior
  14. Inferior
    Toward the bottom

    (feet, below)

    Opposite of Superior
  15. Medial
    Toward the center

    (outward -> in)

    Opposite of Lateral
  16. Lateral
    Toward the outside

    (inside -> out)

    Opposite of Medial
  17. Proximal
    Closer to the point of attachment (usually trunk)

    Opposite of Distal
  18. Peripheral
    Situated away from the century of the body/organ

    Opposite of Central
  19. Abdominal Quadrants
    • RUQ | LUQ
    • ---------
    • RLQ | LLQ
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