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    • Anterior Body Cavity
    • Contains Thorasic Cavity, Diaphragm, Abdominal Cavity, and Pelvic Cavity
  1. Thorasic Cavity
    Has the portions Mediastinum, Right, and Left

    Part of Anterior Cavity
  2. Pleural Cavity
    Right and Left portions, each containing one lung

    Part of Thorasic Cavity
  3. Parietal Pleura
    Membrane that lines the Thorasic Cavity
  4. Visceral Pleura
    Serous membrane covering the lungs
  5. Mediastinum

    Contains the heart, thymus, trachea, esophagus, etc

    Part of the Thorasic Cavity
  6. Visceral Pericardium
    Outermost connective tissue lauer of the heart
  7. Parietal Pericardium
    "Sac" around the heart (Epicardium)

    Tough connective tissue
  8. Diaphragm
    Large horizontal muscle that separates the Thorasic Cavity and the Abdominal Cavity
  9. Abdominal Cavity
    Contains the stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, and misy of the large and small intestines

    Post of the Abdominopelvic Cavity
  10. Parietal Peritoneum
    Membrane that lines the Abdominopelvic Cavity
  11. Visceral Peritoneum
    Membrane that lines the organs pof the Abdominopelvic Cavity
  12. Abdominopelvic Cavity
    Contains the Abdominal Cavity and the Pelvic Cavity

    Part of the Anterior Body Cavity
  13. Pelvic Cavity
    Contains the rectum, bladder, internal reproductive organs, andd the rest of the intestines

    Part of the Abdominopelvic Cavity
  14. Posterior Body Cavity
    Contains the Cranial Cavity and the Vertibral Canal
  15. Vertibral Canal
    Contains the spinal cord

    Part of the Posterior Body Cavity
  16. Cranial Cavity
    Contains the brain

    Part pof the Posterior Body Cavity
  17. Meniges
    Three layers pof the Posterior Body Cavity
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