Rule 26a1

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  1. What must be disclosed under 26(a)(1)(A)i?
    Name, address, phone # of each person likely to have discoverable info, along with summary of info that party may use to support claim. Unless only to be used for impeachment.
  2. What must be disclosed under 26(a)(1)(A)ii
    Copy or description/location of documents/ tangible items that may be used to support claims, but not it only for defense.
  3. What must be disclosed under 26(a)(1)(A)iii?
    computation of each category of damages.
  4. What must be disclosed under 26(a)(1)(A) iiii?
    any insurance agreement in which insurance co might be liable for settlement.
  5. 26(a)(1)(B)
    procedings exempt for disclosure
  6. Time for disclosures:

    If party ojects:
    • 26(a)(1)(c)
    • 14 days after conference or as set by stipulation or ct order.

    Party must state during conference that disclosures are not appropriate. CT MUST determine disclosures and set time.
  7. If party is joined after disclosure conference:
    • must make initial dislosures within 30 days.
    • 26(a)(1)(D)
  8. Party must make disclosures based:

    May not be excused for:
    Information reasonable availible.

    not having fully investigated, challenging sufficiency of others' disclosures, or another party has not made disclosure.

  9. 26(a)(1)
    Disclosure of docs, people, generally.
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