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  1. DIversion
    an amusement or pastime; anything that relaxes or amuses
  2. Dissent
  3. Henevolent
    showing kindness; charitable
  4. Lucrative
    profitable; well-paying
  5. Abstain
    to hold one self back from something; refrain
  6. Conversely
    in an opposite manner; in an altogether different way
  7. Prevalent
    widespread; common
  8. Contend
    to state to be so; acclaim; affirm
  9. Proponent
    someone who supports a cause
  10. Extrovert
    an outgoing, sociable person
  11. Rationale
    the underlying reasons for something; logical basis
  12. Congenial
    agreeable or pleasant in character; friendly; sociable
  13. Reprisal
    the paying back of one injury or bad deed with another
  14. Impasse
    a situation with no way out; dead end
  15. Rapport
    relationship, especially one that is close, trusting, or sympathetic
  16. Endow
    to provide with a talent or quality
  17. Disdain
    an attitude or feeling of contempt; scorn
  18. Averse
    having a feeling of dislike or distaste for something
  19. Mortify
    to humiliate or embarrass
  20. Elation
    a feeling of great joy or pride
  21. Transcend
    to rise above or go beyond the limits of; exceed
  22. Waive
    to willingly give up (as a claim, privilege, or right) do without
  23. Complacent
    self-satified; feeling to much satisfaction with oneself or one's accomplishment
  24. Diligen
    steady, determined, and careful in work
  25. Feasible
    possible; able to be done
  26. Furtive
    done or behaving so as not to be noticed; secret
  27. Percedent
    anything that may serve as an example in dealing with later similar circumstances
  28. Punitive
    giving or involving punishment; punishing
  29. Feign
    to pretend; give a false show of
  30. Inhibition
    a holding back or blocking of some action, feeling, or thought
  31. Cryptic
    having a vague or hidden meaning; mysterious
  32. Vindictive
    inclined to seek revenge; vengeful
  33. Deficient
    lacking something essential; inadequate; insufficient
  34. Detrimental
    harmful; causing damage
  35. Pretentious
    making a show of excellence or importance, especially when undeserved
  36. Fallible
    capable of making an error
  37. Exhaustive
    covering all possible details; complete; through
  38. Vile
    offensive to the senses, feeling, or thoughts; disgusting
  39. Formulate
    to plan or express in an orderly way
  40. Pragmatic
  41. Transient
    temporary; passing soon or quickly
  42. Avid
    enthusiastic, devoted; eager
  43. Evoke
    to draw forth, as a mental image or a feeling
  44. Dwindle
    to gradually lessen or shrink
  45. Esteem
    high regard; respect; favorable opinion
  46. Dispel
    to drive away as if by scattering; cause to vanish
  47. Ambivalent
    having conflicting feeling about someone or something
  48. Render
    to cause (something) to become; make
  49. Obscure
    not easily understood; not clearly expressed
  50. Aloof
    cool and reserved; distant in personal relations
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