Catering Revision

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  1. What is meat made up of?
    • Water
    • Protein-HBV Protein- animal protein
    • Fat
  2. What does fat provide for the body?
    Lots of iron, some calcium and vitamin B
  3. Where is fat found in the body?
    Fat surrounds the muscle tissue and is also contained within the muscle
  4. What description best fits meat?
    Meat is the skeletal muscle of mammals

    Only a few mammals are usually used for food on a regular basis.
  5. Name one way that you will be able to identify that meat contains a lot of iron?
    The darker the meat, the more iron it contains.
  6. Put these meats in order of which has more iron content (Beef, chicken and pork)
    Beef has the most, then its pork and the least iron content comes from the chicken
  7. When we choose the right meat for a dish what does the tenderness of the meat depend on?
    • The amount and type of connective tissue there is
    • The length and thickness of the muscle fibre (for example the leg muscles are longer and thicker because they have been worked more than the back muscles
  8. What does Marbling mean?
    Marbling is a expression to show how or more tender the meat is
  9. How can we make meat more tender?
    • Chemical action (marinading the meat)
    • Mechanical action (cutting or crushing the meat)
  10. When we are cooking what color does the meat often change to?
  11. Why is undercooked meat tough?
    Because it has dried out,
  12. If a meat has a small amount of connective tissue which method of cooking is best?
    Grilled or dry cooking
  13. Which is the best method of cooking with meat with lots of connective tissue?
    Stews or braising, this keeps the moist heat trapped so it keeps the meat tender
  14. What is offal?
    Are internal organs- or off- cuts from the carcass
  15. Name some items of offal?
    Liver, kidneys, heart
  16. What is the best cooking speed for offal?
    Quick cooking method
  17. True or false
    Meat is not a high risk food
  18. What temperature does meat have to be stored at?
    5 ('C)
  19. What are the cooking temperatures when cooking meat?
    above 75 ('C) for 15 seconds
  20. What sort of supplier should you buy the meat from?
    Reputable supplier
  21. Why should mince or cut up meat have more attention (treating with care)?
    Because there is more surface area exposed to contamination
  22. Fact file:
    Pasta can be dried of fresh
    Can be with egg or without
    Can be plain or filled
    Can be all different shapes and sizes
    Fact file: Pasta can be dried of fresh Can be with egg or without Can be plain or filled Can be all different shapes and sizes
  23. Name 2 places where pasta can be made in?
    Factories and in the kitchen
  24. What is poultry?
    Anything that comes from a bird, like a chicken, turkey, duck, goose etc
  25. What does poultry provide?
    Animal protein, water and fat
  26. True and false
    Poultry contains less fat and less iron compared to beef, lamb and pork
  27. Poultry animals are more tender because...?
    They have shorter fibres than meat so are more tender
  28. Where in the fridge should poultry be stored?
    they should be stored in the lower shelf of a fridge when raw and when cooked should be placed in a different shelf
  29. Chicken can be quite bland and dry, name some ways of changing this?
    A accompaniment such as stuffing, a sauce like a gravy, curry or wine sauce and potentially could be coated in breadcrumbs to make it moist
  30. What is a game?
    Game are animals and birds protected by game laws
  31. Why is game usually hung from a few days to 20 days?
    You leave the game for a period of time so the enzymes soften the muscle fibre, they have led a active life so its usually tough
  32. What are the 3 main hot beverages?
    Hot chocolate, coffee and tea
  33. What does hot chocolate provide?
    Hot chocolate provides minerals such as iron. calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as antioxidants
  34. What does tea provide for our bodies?
    Tea provides fluoride
  35. What does coffee provide for the body?
    Coffee provides useful amounts of nicotine acid and vitamin B
  36. Fact file
    Black tea is fully fermented
    Green tea is not fermented
    Oolong tea is semi fermented
    • Fact file
    • Black tea is fully fermented
    • Green tea is not fermented
    • Oolong tea is semi fermented
  37. What are the three types of dried green coffee beans?
    • Robusta- are the basic coffee and mostly grown in Vietman
    • Arabaica are more expensive and give a smooth taste
    • Also decaffeinated
  38. What is the taste and flavour depend on when your dealing with coffee beans?
    Its dependent on how long the coffee beans have been roasted
  39. What are cereals used for?
    • grains- crushed for porridge etc
    • Whole for rice etc
    • Breakfast cereal
    • and flours like pasta, noodles baked products etc
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