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  1. Kinematics: 1
    Distance is the total length an object in motion covers. Displacement is a vector quantity that indicates the chgange in position that an object moves in a particular direction. Average speed is the distance covered per unit time. Average velocity is the displacement divided by the time interval.
  2. Kinematics: 2
    Acceleration occurs whenever there is change of speed or direction of motion.
  3. Kinematics: 3
    Free fall problems can be solved like other acceleration problems by subsituting 'a' for 'g'=9.8 m/s2. The sign of 'g' is (+) or (-) depending on the choice of up or down as the positive direction. It is OK to use 'g'=10 m/s2 in the multiple-choice section of the exam.
  4. Kinematics: 4
    A ball rolled off a horizontal table will take the same amount of time to hit the ground as another dropped from the same height.
  5. Kinematics: 5
    Projectile Motion:

    • a) horizontal and vertical components are independent
    • b)the horizontal component of the velocity remains constant, the vertical components has constant acceleration
    • c)only the vertical component of the velocity at the maximum height is zero
    • d)for projectiles fired at an angle you may assign negative signs to all vectors going down.
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