Micro lab experiment 2

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  1. What are the 3 different modes of motility?
    • Gliding
    • flagellar
    • corkscrew or ganlion
  2. What is brownian movement and hoe does it differ from true motility?
    • Browning movement results from random motion of H2O molecules bombarding the bacteria and causing them to move.
    • True motile is self propulsion
  3. Why would it be hard to focus the microscope in the hanging drop procedure?
    • A. Bacteria are harder to see because of reflection of light on stained prep.
    • B. Oil emersion can't be used because it causes the cover slip to move.
    • C. The thick special slide and cover slip makes it difficult to focus the change in working distance decrease.
  4. Describe how to perform the tube motility procedure, include equipment, materials, and the steps involved.
    • Equipment: Stock culture, innoculating needle, motility media
    • Procedure: Using needle pick up culture, stab down center of media but not all the way down.
    • Carefuly remove needle straight out without disturbing stabline.
    • Innoculate tube overnight observe for diffuse growth or red color .
    • A red growing away from the stab line for a postive test. Negative test has red color only on the stab line
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