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  1. Which of the following can a security adin implement to help identify smurf attacks
  2. Which Provide the HIGHEST level of wireless network security
  3. Which wireless security controls can be easily and quickly circumvented using only a network sniffer
    • MAC filtering
    • Disabled SSID broadcast
  4. Which should be considered when trying to prevent somebody from capturing network traffic
    EM shielding
  5. Which BEST describes the use of hiding data within other files
  6. A security admin is tasked with ensuring that all servers are highly available and that hards drive failure will not affect an individual servers. Which configurations will allow for high availability
    • Hardware RAID 5
    • Software RAID 1
  7. While browsing the internet, and admin notices their browser behaves erratically, appears to download something, and then crashes. Upon restarting the PC, the admin notices performance is extremely slow and there are hundreds of outbound connections to various websites. Which BEST describes what has occurred?
    The PC has become part of a botnet
  8. Which of the following authentication services would be used to authenticate users trying to access a network device
  9. In order to ensure high availability of all critical servers, backups of the main datacenter are done in the middle of the night and then the backup tapes are taken to an offsite location. Which of the following would ensure the minimal amount of downtime in the case of a disaster
    Having the offsite location of tapes also be the hot site
  10. Which of the following is a removable device that may be used to encrypt in a high availability clustered environment
  11. Which of the following secruity threats does shredding mitigate
    dumpster diving
  12. Bsed on logs from file servers, remote access systems, and IDS a malicious insider was stealing data using a personal laptop while connected by VPN. The affected compnay wants access to the laptop to determine loss, but the insider's lawyer insists the laptop cannot be identified. Which of the following would BEST be used to identify the specific computer used by the insider
    MAC address
  13. The detection of a NOOP sled is an indication of which of the following attacks
    Buffer overflow
  14. Which of the following MUST a programmer implement to prevent cross-site scripting?
    Validate input to remove hypertext
  15. Which of the following would be considered multifactor authentication
    Pin number and a smart card
  16. Isolation mode on an AP provides which of the following functionality types
    Segmentation of each wireless user from other wireless users
  17. Which is the MOST likely cause of a single computer communicating with an unknown IRC server and scanning other systems on the network
  18. When granting access, which of the following protocols uses multiple-challenge responses for authentication, authorization and audit
  19. Which of the following is the BEST choice for encryption on a wireless network?
  20. A bulk update process failes and writes incorrect data throughout the database which of the following concepts describes what has been compromised
  21. Which of the following uses tickets to identify users to the network?
  22. Which of the follwoing would be the BEST action to perform when conducting a corporate vulnerability assessment
    Organize data based on severity and asset value
  23. Which of the following BEST describes the proper method and reason to implement port security
    Apply secrutiy control which ties specific ports to end-device MAC addresses and prevents ADDITIONAL devices from being connected to the network.
  24. A technician needs to limit the wireless signal from reaching outside of a building. Which of the following actions should the technician take
    Decrease the power levels on the WAP.
  25. The BEST way to protect the confidentiality of sensitive data entered in a database table is to use:
  26. Which of the following is seen as non-secure based on tis ability to only store seven uppercase characters of data making it susceptible to brute force attacks
  27. Which of the following is the MOST secure method of utilizing FTP
  28. Which of the following devices BEST allows a security administrator to identify malicious activity after it has occurred?
  29. Which of the following is specific to a buffer overflow attack
    Initial vector
  30. Which of the following malware types is MOST commonly installed through the use of thumb drives to compromise systems and provide unauthorized access
  31. Which of the following allows a security administrator to set device traps?
  32. NTLM is an improved and substantially backwards compatible replacement for which of the following
  33. Which of the following assists in identifying if a system was properly handles during transport
    Chain of custody
  34. Which of the following should be reviewed periodically to ensure a server maintains the correct security configuration?
    User rights
  35. A proximity card reader is used to test which of the following aspects of human authentication
    Something a user has
  36. Public keys are used for which of the following
    Decrypting the hash of an electronic signature
  37. Which of the following cloud computing concepts is BEST described as providing an easy-to-configure OS and on-demand computing for customers
    Platform as a Service
  38. Which of the following is an example of verifying new software changes on a test system
    Patch management
  39. Which of the following describes the purpose of chain of custody as applied to forensic image retention?
    To provide documentation as to who has handled the evidence
  40. A security administrator working for a health insurance company needs to protect customer data by installing an HVAC system and a mantrap in the datacenter. Whick of the following are being addressed
    • Confidentiality
    • Availability
  41. Which of the follwoing devices would allow a technician to view IP headers ona data packet
    Protoco analyzer
  42. A company that purchases insurance to reduce risk is an example of which of the following
    Risk transference
  43. Which of the following is a management control type?
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Least privilege implementation
    • Baseline configuration development
    • Session locks
  44. Which of the following is an example of allowing another user physical access to a secured area with out validation of their credentials
  45. A security adminstrator performs several war driving routes each month and recently has noticed a certain area with a large number of unauthorized devices. Which of the following attack types is MOST likely occurring
    Rogue access points
  46. Applying detailed instructions to manage the flow of network traffic at the edge of the network, including allowing or denying trafic ased on port, protocol, address, or dierction is an implementation of which of the following
    Firewall rules
  47. Which of the following requires special handling and explicit policies for data retention and data distribution
    Personally identifiable information
  48. Which of the following protocols only encrypts password packets from client to server

  49. Which of the following protocols requires the use of a CA based authentication process

    FTPS Implicit
    FTPS explicit
  50. If a user wishes to receive a file encrypted with PGP, the user must FIRST supply the
    public key
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