Micro lab experiment 53

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  1. BONUS: What are the 4 main reasons for learning about the normal microbiota?
    • To gain an understanding of the different bacteria at specific body which provide greater insight possible infections that result from injuries
    • To gain knowledge of the possible source and significance bacteria isolated from clinical infections
    • To gain knowledge of consequences of over growth of those bacteria normally absent at the specific body site.
    • To be aware of bacteria play in stimulating the host immune system
  2. What organism (s) is/are most commonly isolated from the throat? Rectal?
    • 3 for throat
    • 3 for rectal
  3. Why are rectal specimens inoculated to MAC agar versus blood agar?
    most interic pathogen are non formenting for lactose gram bacilli. MAC selects for gram-bacilli and differentiates bacteria that ferment lactose from bacteria that doesn't. Blood agar doesn't select or differentiate
  4. Why use a wet swab for the skin culture?
    It allows more bacteria to be picked up off of dry skin
  5. According to the lab manual what 4 microorganisms are commonly isolated from the skin?
    Throat, rectal, skin
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