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  1. 1823-1870- Age of Manifest Destiny
    • There was alot of U.S pride going around in its citizens. It was all about territorial expansion.
    • - 1845 Mexican-American war- They ended up getting the whole west side of the modernday U.S today.
    • -1853 Gadsen Purchase- They bought out land from mexico near southwest of the modern day U.S.
    • -Filibusters also came around once this period came about. They wanted to conquer more land for the U.S.
  2. 1870- 1904 Age of Imperialism
    • That year was about the U.S making investments and markets in Latin America. Economic Imperialism.
    • -They made transportation in Latin america to transfer goods easily.
    • -Installed utilities such as communication systems.

    1898, Spanish American war- They gained phillipines, Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Virgen Islands.

    Also made the Panama Canal in 1903. It was controlled by the U.S till recently.

    United fruit also controlled sometimes as much land as the local government would. (Banana Republic)
  3. 1904-1932 Age of Intervention (Pax Americana)
    • -During these times U.S wanted to protect their investments at all costs.
    • - Unilateral action was how they acted. (disregarded how the latin americans felt about their actions).

    - 1922- Coolidge Doctrine- if U.S investments were threatened, U.S had right to intervene.

    1904- Roosevelt Corollary- adds on to Monroe Doctrine. It says it would enforce good behavior in L.A. It was made to keep foreign competition out.

    Used "Enlightment intervention" when a risk came up. U.S military would take over a country. Build infrastructure. Then would overthrow the government and leave a dictator in place.
  4. 1932-1945- Age of Good neighbor
    FDR was president. His main focus in his foreign policy was collaboration. He seeked collaboration from all latin american countries.

    -1938- Cardenas nationalize mexico's oil fields. PEMEX. Instead of using military force, FDR send in ambassadors to talk it over.

    -1947- U.S and 21 other american republics signed Rio treaty. It was a mutual defense pact. They would fight together. It was mainly made because they were scared of S.U intervention.

    -1948- OAS was formed. Organization for American States. Place which american countries can go to resolve issues peacefully w/o war. Headquartered in D.C.
  5. 1945-1976 Age of cold war and containment and 1981-1991 Reagen.
    • -It came about when there was a global competition between the U.S and S.U. Capitalism vs Communism.
    • - Containing Communism from spreading was main focus.

    -1965, Johnson Doctrine- The U.S will stay out of countries affairs unless communism takes place within the country.

    -1961- The alliance of progress-U.S gave grants to countries that were in need of funding. they thought if they had their basic requirements, communism isnt that appealing. In 12 years they gave away over 20 billion dollars.

    They overthrew Jacobo Arbenz and Salvador Alende because they were thought to be Communist. They put a dictator in their place in Guatemala and Chile.

    - December 25th 1990- last day of Soviet union.
  6. 1976-1981 Age of human rights
    • Main focus was that the U.S will have a good relationship for those countries that respected human rights.
    • - Carter and his administration found it hard to go along with it. It was difficult to judge who had a good human rights relations.
    • - He boycotted the Summer Olympics of 1980 in Russia. He did this because Russia had invaded afghanistan a year earlier.
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