Med-Terms Vocab

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  1. Hyperglycemia
    High blood sugar
  2. Hematoma
    Mass of blood (bruise)
  3. Gynecologist
    Pysician specializing in womens health
  4. Enteritis
    Inflammation of the smal intestine
  5. Biopsy
    Removal of living tissue for examination under a microscope
  6. Anemia
    Dificiency of red blood cells of hemoglobin
  7. Adenoma
    Benign tumor of a gland
  8. Psychosis
    Abnormal condition of the mind
  9. Thrombocyte
    Clotting cell (platelet)
  10. Leukocyte
    White (blood) cell
  11. Hepatitis
    Inflammation og the liver
  12. Lumbar
    Lower back
  13. Cervical
    Pertaining to the neck
  14. Pharynx
  15. Thoracotomy
    Incision of the chest
  16. Peritoneal
    Membrane surrounding the abdomen
  17. Laparotomy
    Incision of the abdomen
  18. Cartilage
    Flexible connective tissue near joints
  19. Diaphragm
    Muscle separating the abdominal and thorasic cavities
  20. Esophageal
    "tube" from throat to stomach
  21. Amniocentesis
    Surgical puncture to remove fluid from the embrionic sac
  22. Hemorrhage
    Bursting forth of blood (bleeding)
  23. Ischemia
    Holding back of blood from a part of the body
  24. Arteriosclerosis
    Hardening of the arteries
  25. Cardiomyopathy
    Disease of the heart muscle
  26. Hematuria
    Blood in the urine
  27. Meningitis
    Inflamation of the meninges of the brain
  28. Necrosis
    Death of cells (abnormal)
  29. Neuralgia
    Nerve pain
  30. Uremia
    Urine in the blood
  31. Paralysis
    Loss of movement due to nerve damage
  32. Bradycardia
    Slow heartbeat
  33. Metastasis
    Spread of cancerous tumor
  34. Prosthesis
    Artificial part attached to the body
  35. Unilateral
    Pertaining to one side only
  36. Malignant
  37. Intervertebral
    Between vertebrae
  38. Dyspnea
    Difficult breathing
  39. Hypertrophy
    Excessive Development
  40. Benign
  41. Anesthesiology
    Administration and study of agents for the loss of sensation
  42. Rectocele
    Hernia of the rectum
  43. Iatrogenic
    Pertaining to an adverse condition caused by medical treatment
  44. Oncogenic
    Pertaining to production of a tumor
  45. Gasstroenterologist
    M.D. who treats diseases of the digestive tract
  46. Opthalmologist
    M.D> who treats disorders of the eye
  47. Obstetrics
    Treatment of pregnancy and delivery
  48. Psychiatrist
    M.D. who treats the mind
  49. Geriatrician
    M.D. who treats diseases of old age
  50. Rhinorrhea
    Discharge from the nose
  51. Albuminuria
    Protien in the urine
  52. Uremia
    High levels of urea in the blood
  53. Steatorrhea
    Discharge of fat in the feces
  54. Anemia
    Deficiencey of red blood cells or amount of hemoglobin in red blood cells
  55. Epithelial
    Cells that cover the skin and line internal organs
  56. Pediatrician
    M.D. who treats children
  57. Melanoma
    Tumor of the pigmented melanin containing cells of the skin
  58. Leukorrhea
    White drainage/Discharge from the vagina
  59. Leukocytosis
    Abnormal condition of the white blood cell
  60. Intrauterine
    Within the uterus
  61. Malaise
    Vague feeling of bodily discomfort
  62. Hydrotherapy
    Treatment with water
  63. Uterus
    Female reproductive organ
  64. Exophthalmos
    Protruding eyeballs
  65. Episiotomy
    Incision of the perineum to facilitate delivery of an infant
  66. Spelnomegaly
    Enlargement of the spleen
  67. Ileostomy
    Opening of the Ileum
  68. Myringotomy
    Incision of the eardrum
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