Med-Terms Blood/Urine Tests

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  1. PSA
    (Prostate specific Antigen)
    Blood test measuring the amount of an antigen that elivates in all patients with prostate cancer
  2. Triglycerides
    Determination of the amount of triglycerides (simple fats) in the serum

    Normal is 200-300mg
  3. PT
    (Prethrombin Time)
    Measurement of the activity of factors in the blood that participate in clotting
  4. Troponin
    Measurement of levels of protiens Troponnin I and Troponin T in the bloodstream after a MI
  5. UA
    Examination of urineas a aid in a diagnosis of disease

    Used to detect abnormal functioning of the kidneys/bladder, infections, abnormal growths, and DM
  6. Western Blot
    Test to detect HIV infection

    More specific than the ELISA
  7. WBC
    (White Blood Cell Count)
    Determination of th enumber of leukocytes in the blood

    Elevated levels can indicate infection of leukemia
  8. Pregnancy Test
    Measurement of blood or urine to HCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) - a hormone secreted by the placenta in early pregnancy
  9. Platelet Count
    Determination of the number of clotting cells in a sample of blood
  10. PKU
    Test to determine whether the urine of a newborn contains phenylketones
  11. HcT/CHT
    Measurement of the percent of blood volume occupied by red blood cells

    • Normal range is
    • - men - 40-50%
    • - women - 37-47%

    Low HCT indicates anemia
  12. ELISA
    (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay)
    Lab test to determine the presence of antibodies to the AIDS virus

    First test done to detect infection - followed by the western blot to confirm results
  13. CBC
    (Complete Blood Count)
    Determinization of the numbers of leukocytes, erythrocytes, and platelets

    Useful for diagnosis of blood cell disorders, infection, or anemia
  14. BUN
    (Blood Urea Nitrogen)
    Measurement of the amount of urea in the serum

    Can indicate poor kidney function
  15. Blood Culture
    A test to determine whether infection is present in the bloodstream
  16. Blood Chemistry Profile
    COmprehensive blood test that is a biochemical exam of carious substances in the blood using a computerized lab analyzer

    Also called SMA (sequential multiple analysis) - Indicates the number of elements tested SMA 6, 12, 18
  17. Bilirubin
    Measurement of bilirubin in the serum and urine

    Dirived from hemoglobin and the oxygen carrying protien in red blood cells

    Can indicate disease of the liver, obstruction of the bile ducts, or a type of anemia
  18. Pap Smear
    Insertion of a cotton swab or wooden spatula into the vagina to obtain a sample of cells from the outer surface of the cervix for microscopic examination

    • Results are graded
    • - I - Normal
    • - II - Inflamatory
    • - III - Suspicious for malignancy
    • - IV - malignant disease
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