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  1. Bald Face

    AKA: White face, mostly white face, markings go over the eyes
  2. Bay

    Red-brown to dark brown or gold, with a black main, tail, and legs
  3. Blanket

    White over hips, with or without dark spots- Seen on Appaloosa’s
  4. Blaze

    Wide stripe down nose, but inside eyes
  5. Blue Roan

    Black or black/brown body with white hairs, giving a bluish tinge
  6. Buckskin

    Yellowish-gold body with black main, tail, and legs
  7. Chestnut/Sorrell

    Reddish, gold shade. Mane and tail have various shades of chestnut
  8. Coronet
  9. Dapple gray

    Dapple gray consists of a dark hair coat with “dapples,” which are dark rings with lighter hairs on the inside of the ring, scattered over the entire body of the animal.
  10. Dorsal stipe

    Band across withers and extending down tail. Almost always found with a dun coat, there will sometimes be zebra striping on legs as well.
  11. Dun

    Yellowish or tan coat with "dun factors:" a darker-colored mane and tail, a dorsal stripe along the back and occasionally faint horizontal zebra stripings on the upper legs and a possible transverse stripe across the withers
  12. Flea bitten gray

    Gray coat with white mane and tail. (Looks like the horse is covered with fleas)
  13. Frost

    White speckling on dark background-Seen on Appaloosa’s
  14. Gray

    Black skin with white hair, coat lightens with age. Notice the black around the eyes and muzzle.
  15. Grullo/grulla

    Smokey gray colored body, dark dorsal stripe.
  16. Leopard

    White base with dark spots all over body of horse
  17. Marble

    Red or blue roaning with dark coloring on edges. Seen on Appaloosa’s
  18. Palomino

    Gold coat with white mane and tail
  19. Pastern
  20. Piebald

    Large irregular patterns of black and white
  21. Red roan

    Bay or Bay-brown body with white hairs, giving a reddish tinge.
  22. Snip

    White marking on muzzle area
  23. Snowflake gray

    Very distinct pointed dapples…looks like a snowflake
  24. Sock
  25. Star

    White spot between eyes on forehead
  26. Stocking
  27. Stripe

    White narrow stripe down face
  28. Tobiano

    White base coat with irregular patches of solid color. Specific to paint or pinto breed

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Equine Colors Markings

Equine colors and markings
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