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  1. dna replication
    process why which dna is replicated
  2. helicases
    enzymes that separate the dna strands
  3. replication fork
    result of helicase separating the dna strands
  4. dna polymerases
    enzymes that add complementary nucleotides, found floating freely inside the nucleus
  5. semi-conservative replication
    each of the new dna molecules has kept(conserved) one of hte two original strands
  6. mutation
    a change in the nucleotide sequence of a dna molecule
  7. dna ligase
    fills gaps of the lagging strand
  8. what bonds form after dna polymerase adds complementary nucleotides?
    covalent bonds between the adjacent nucleotides, and covalent bonds between the deoxyribose sugar of one nucleotide and the phosphate group of the next on the growing strand, hydrogen bonds from between the complementary nitrogenous bases on the original and new strands
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