Words Everyone Should Know

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  1. Abhor
    abhor- (v.) to hate, detest (Because he always wound up getting hit in the head when he tried to play cricket, Marcin began to abhor the sport).
  2. Acquiesce
    acquiesce- (v.) to agree without protesting (Though Mr. Pospieszny wanted to stay outside and work in his garage, when his wife told him that he had better come in to dinner, heacquiesced to her demands.)
  3. Alacrity
    alacrity- (n.) eagerness, speed (For some reason, Simon loved to help his girlfriend whenever he could, so when his girlfriend asked him to set the table he did so withalacrity.)
  4. Arcane
    obsucre, secret, only known by a few
  5. Avarice
    Excessive greed
  6. Brazen
    Excessively bold, brash. Clear and obvious. (someones brazen attempt to do something...)
  7. Brusque
    Short,abrupt, dismissive.

    (His brusque manner )
  8. Cajole
    To urge, coax

    (Her friend cajoled her into thinking that)
  9. Callous
    Harsh, cold, unfeeling

    (the murderer's callous lack of remorse...)
  10. Candor
    Honesty, frankness

    (we were all supprised by the candor of the politicians speech)
  11. Chide
    • To voice disapproval
    • (she chided him)
  12. Circumspect

    (It wouldve been more circumspect to do that)
  13. Clandestine
  14. Complacency
    Self-satisfied ignorance of danger

    (he tried to shock his friends out of their complacency by telling them...)
  15. Decry
    to criticize openly

    (He decried the appaling state of...)
  16. Deferential
    Showing respect for another's authority.

    (She is always deferential to any kind of authority figure)
  17. Demure
    Quiet, modest, reserved.

    (though everyone else was loud, she remained demure)
  18. Deride
    To laugh at mockingly, scorn

    (The native speaker often derided the other teachers accent)
  19. Despot
    One who has total power and rules brutally.
  20. Diligent
    Showing care in doing one's work
  21. Enmity
    Ill will, hatred, hostility.

    (the enmity between them was obvious)
  22. Erudite
    • learned
    • (my english teacher is such an erudite scholar...)
  23. Extol
    to praise
  24. Feral
    Wild, savage
  25. Fractious
    Troublesome, irritable

    (Although the child wasn't tired, his FRACTIOUS behavior convinced everyone that it was time to put him to bed)
  26. Furtive
    Secretive, sly
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