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  1. Why did the colonist fight the british
    • Because of the high taxes.
    • Because the british army stayed in their houses.
    • Because they didn't have self-goverment.
  2. Who wrote the declaration of indepence
    Thomas jefferson
  3. When was the declaration of independece adopted
    July 4 1776
  4. There wer 13 original states. Name 3
    • North Carolina
    • South Carolina
    • Georgia
  5. What happened at the constitutional convention
    • The constitution was written
    • The founding father wrote the constitution.
  6. When was the constitution writen
  7. The federalist papers supported the passage of the U.S constitution. Name one of the writer.
    Alexander Hamilton
  8. what is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for
    Started the first free libraries.
  9. Who is the father of our country
    George washington
  10. Who was the first president
    Gerge washington
  11. What territory did the United States buy from france in 1803
  12. Name one war fought by the United states in the 1800s
    spanish- American war
  13. Name the US war between the north and the south
    • the civil war
    • the war between the states
  14. name one problem that led to the civil war
    economic reasons
  15. what was one important thing that Abraham Lincon did
    Saved the union
  16. what did the emancipation proclamation do
    free the slaves
  17. What did Susan B. Anthony do
    • Fought for woman's rights
    • fought for civil rights
  18. Name one war fought in the Unided states in the 1900s
    vietnam war
  19. who was the president during world war I
    woodrow wilson
  20. who was the president during the grat depression and world war II
    Franklin Rooselvelt
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