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  1. the anterior boundary of the inguinal canal
    • Internal abdominal oblique muscle (laterally)
    • External oblique aponeurosis (medially)
  2. contained in the inguinal canal
    • Spermatic cord
    • Round ligament of the uterus
    • Ilioinguinal nerve
  3. The appendicular artery which supplies the appendis is a branch of
    • ileocolic artery
    • superior mesenteric artery
  4. the commonest position for the vermiform appendix
  5. form the floor of the inguinal canal
    • inguinal ligament laterally
    • lacunar ligament medially
  6. Ligaments of the liver:
    • Falciform

    • Ligamentum venosum

    • round ligament

  7. Order of colon
    • cecum
    • ascending colon
    • transverse colon
    • descending colon
    • sigmoid colon
  8. What is the right gastro epiploic a branch of:
    Gastro duodenum
  9. What is the superior mesenteric artery a branch of:
    abdominal aorta
  10. Porta Hepata”Doorway to the Liver:
    • 1. proper hepatic artery
    • 2. common Hepatic duct
    • 3. common bile duct
    • 4. Hepatic portal vein
    • 5. Cystic duct
  11. 3 branches of the Celiac trunk
    • 1. common hepatic
    • 2. Left gastric
    • 3. Splenic
  12. Greater Omentum attaches to:
    • stomach
    • transverse colon
  13. Primordial gut:
    • Fore gut
    • Mid gut
    • Hind gut
  14. Lobes of the liver:
    • left lobe of the liver
    • right lobe of the liver
    • caudate quadrate
  15. Intraperitoneal:
    • stomach
    • spleen
  16. difference between a direct and indirect inguinal hernia?
    an indirect hernia passes through both the deep and superficial inguinal rings, whereas a direct inguinal hernia passes through the inguinal triangle and the superficial inguinal ring
  17. The "governor" or gubernaculum is involved in the descent of the ovaries and testes. Which of the following are connected by the female gubernaculum?
    primodial uterus to labia majora
  18. The inguinal canal is called the canal of 2's. Which of the following structures make up the anterior wall of the inguinal canal?
    • internal abdominal oblique muscle
    • external abdominal oblique aponeurosis
  19. correct order of the various parts of the duodenum
    • superior
    • descending
    • horizontal
    • ascending
  20. Which of the arteries supplies the cardia of the stomach
    left gastric artery
  21. Which of the arteries supplies the fundus of the stomach?
    short gastric artery
  22. describe the innervation to the stomach
    anterior and posterior vagal nerves and the greater splanchnic nerves
  23. The greater omentum is attached to
    transverse colon and greater curvature of the stomach
  24. all of the following would best describe the pancreas except:
    attaches to the lienorenal ligament
  25. describe the blood supply to the duodenum
    Anterior superior and posterior superior pancreaticoduodenal arteries
  26. arteries supplies the lesser curvature of the stomach
    Both the right and left gastric arteries
  27. branches off the superior mesenteric artery except
    left colic artery
  28. describe the ileum except
    chief cells
  29. branches off the celiac trunk except
    posterior cecal artery
  30. describe the stomach except
    crypts of lieberkuhn
  31. describe the colon except
    numerous villi
  32. the following organs secrete glucagon except


  33. describe the liver except
    stores, excretes and concentrates bile
  34. describe the portal vein except
    formed from the union of the inferior mesenteric vein and the splenic vein
  35. the correct difference between an inguinal and a femoral hernia
    the neck of an inguinal hernia passes above and medial to the pubic tubercle, whereas the neck of the femoral hernai passes below and lateral to the pubic tubercle
  36. the testis located in a 12th week fetus
  37. origin of the external spermatic fascia
    external abdominal oblique muscle
  38. best describes the myopectineal orifice

    area of "innate" weakness in the body wall of the groin where groin hernias are more prevalent

  39. The duodenum is derived embryologically from
    • foregut
    • midgut
  40. correct distinguishing characteristics of the jejunum
    • greater vascilarity,

    • deep red in color,

    • long vasa rectae,

    • thick and heavy walls

  41. The greater omentum is attached to
    • transverse colon
    • greater curvature of the stomach
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