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  1. Orcein comes from boiled lichens such as?
    liconera tintora and rocella tintora
  2. How do you classify artificial dyes?
    • Leucocompod(colorless compound that comes from a complete reduction of chromophore)
    • Chromophore
    • Acid or Basic auxochrome
  3. What are the ways in which color can diffuse
    • absorbtion
    • adsorbtion
    • ph
    • indirect
    • mordants
  4. Stain action are;
    • substantive
    • adjective
    • impregnation
  5. Chemical oxidizing agents of hemotoxylin are:
    • Sodium iodate
    • mercuric oxide
    • potassium permanganent
  6. What is one of the effect of using chemicals to oxidize hematoxylin?
    it speed up the reaction but shortens the life
  7. What are hemotoxylin moordants with vigorus oxidation?
    ferric chloride

    • ferric acetate
    • ferric alum
  8. What are hematoxylon mordants that cause little to no oxidation?
    ammonium alum

    potassium alum

    phosphotongistic, phophpmolybdic acid acids
  9. M(P)H
    This means reminde?
    Mayers and Harris are progressive
  10. Plasma stains contains ?
    sulfonic and carboxlic acid
  11. What is the Control section for
  12. Whats the control section fro H&E
  13. What are things that weaken the nuclear staining
    • iron sulfur
    • sulfourus
    • and chlorine water
  14. What is another name for polychromatic stain?
  15. Polychromatic stains are used for
    • bone marrow biopsies
    • smears
  16. What are the mounting media types
    • Aqueous
    • Resinous
  17. What type of mounting media is used when clearing and dehydration cant be done
  18. What type of things do you use in aqueous mounting medium
    • simple syrups
    • arabic
    • glycerol
  19. in aqueous meduim what do you add to prevent difussuion of aniline dyes
    • sugars: arabic
    • Glycerol
  20. Whats is a disadvantage of resinous medium?
    preffered medium but inrterferes with stains
  21. what were the resinous mediums used back then?
    canada balsam and Gum damar
  22. Resinous medium refractive index
  23. Whats are stains used for bacterial demonstration
    Sertain SWAG
  24. Gram satins are used for?
    • Gram+ fungal
    • Nocordia
    • Actinomytes
  25. What gram stains uses acetic acid alcohol to differentiate
    Gram Twort
  26. What gram stain uses Gallego to differentiate
  27. What is the function of parosaniline and phenol
    it makes acid fast Bacteria bacilli stain
  28. What is the function of alcohol and carbolfushin
    it enhances and dissolve the dye
  29. What are stains to identify spirochete?
    • Warthin starry
    • Dieterle
    • stainer steiner
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