Physics Concepts

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  1. Work, Energy, and Momentum: 12
    Work and energy are scalar quantities
  2. Work, Energy, and Momentum: 13
    Work is equal to the product of the displacement and the component of the force in the direction of the displacement.
  3. Work, Energy, and Momentum: 14
    For and object traveling in circular motion, the centripetal force never does work.
  4. Work, Energy, and Momentum: 15
    Mechanical energy is the sum of all kinetic and potential energies.
  5. Work, Energy, and Momentum: 16
    Work-Energy Theorem: the net work is equal to the change in kinetic energy.
  6. Work, Energy, and Momentum: 17
    Conservation of mechanical energy under the action of a dissipative force includes the work due to frictional forces (non-conservation forces)
  7. Work, Energy, and Momentum: 18
    Power is the time rate of change of work or energy, but it can also be calculated using forces x speed.

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Physics Concepts
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Some Physics Concepts
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