Physics Concepts

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  1. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics: 38
    Thermal energy represents the total internal energy of an onject, the sum of its molecular kinetic and potential energies.
  2. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics: 39
    Kinetic theory relates the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a gas to the temperature of the gas in Kelvins.
  3. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics: 40
    First Law of Thermodynamics: ∆U = W + Q Where W is the work done ON the system
  4. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics: 41
    • Thermodynamics Processes:
    • Adiabatic process: Q = 0
    • Isovolumetric (isochoric) process: W = 0
    • Isothermal process: ∆U = 0
    • Isobaric process: ∆U = W + Q
  5. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics: 42
    On a PV diagram, if cycle is clockwise the system is a heat engine and the net work is nagative. If the cycle is counter clockwise the system is a refrigerator and the net work is positive.
  6. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics: 43
    Carnot cycles involve only isothermal and adiabatic processes. To determine the efficiency use the Kelvin temp. of the resevoirs.
  7. Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics: 44
    • Second Law of Thermodynamcis:
    • Heat flows naturally from an object at a higher temperature to one of a lower temperature.
    • All natural systems rend toward a state of higher disorder (entropy)

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Physics Concepts
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Thermal Energy Thermodynamics

Some Physics Concepts
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