Chapter 10: Nervous System; Symptomatic Terms

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  1. aphasia
    condition without speech; impairment due to localized brain injury that affects understanding, retrieving, and formulating meaningful and sequential elements of language
  2. dysarthria
    condition of difficult articulation; group of related speech impairments that may affect the speed, range, direction, strength, and timing of motor movement as a result of paralysis, weakness, or incoordination of speech muscles
  3. dysphasia
    difficulty speaking
  4. coma
    general term referring to levels of decreased consciousness with varying responsiveness; a common method of assessment is the Glasgow coma scale
  5. delirium
    state of mental confusion due to disturbances in cerebral function - there are many causes, including fever, shock, or drug overdose
  6. dementia
    impairment of intellectual function characterized by memory loss, disorientation, and confusion
  7. motor deficit
    loss or impairment of muscle function
  8. sensory deficit
    loss or impairment of sensation
  9. neuralgia
    pain along the course of a nerve
  10. paralysis
    temporary or permanent loss of motor control
  11. flaccid paralysis
    defective (flabby) or absent muscle control caused by a nerve lesion
  12. spastic paralysis
    stiff and awkward muscle control caused by a central nervous system disorder
  13. hemiparesis
    partial paralysis of the right or left half of the body
  14. sciatica
    pain that follows the pathway of the sciatic nerve caused by compression or trauma of the nerve or its roots
  15. seizure
    sudden, transient disturbances in brain function resulting from abnormal firing of nerve impulses (may or may not be associated with convulsion)
  16. convulsion
    to pull together; type of seizure that causes a series of sudden, involuntary contractions of muscles
  17. syncope
  18. tactile stimulation
    evoking a response by touching
  19. hyperesthesia
    increased sensitivity to stimulation such as touch or pain
  20. paresthesia
    abnormal sensation of numbness and tingling without objective cause
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