New Testament Overview

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  1. What are the key points for Matthew?
    • Tells of the good news that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah and had come to save Jews and gentiles.
    • Matthew one of the 12 disciples is believed to be the author.
    • Written before 70AD before the temple was destroyed.
    • Most of this gospel is used to show that Jesus is the Messiah.
    • He often quotes from the OT and uses the phrase "The Kingdom of Heaven." Because of this many believe he is writting to Jews.
    • He presents Christ as the great teacher who helps us understand God's law and tells us about the Kingdom of Heaven.
  2. Where are Christ's teaching found in Matthew:
    • Sermon on the mount Matt 5:1-7:27
    • Instructions to disciples Matt 10:5-42
    • Parables Matt 13
    • Meaning of disciplship Matt 18:1-35
    • Teaching about end time/coming of Kingdom 24 & 25
  3. What are the key facts for Luke:
    • Date: 60AD
    • Author: Luke the evangelist.
    • Theme: Joy from Mary's song to the birth of Jesus to the disciples joy after Jesus ascension.

    Focus:The humanity of Jesus shown through the relationships he had. Names women and speaks of children more than any other gospel.

    • Purpose Scripture: Luke 1:1-4 - so that we may know for sure this is true.Key Facts:The longest of the gospels.
    • Luke also wrote Acts.
    • Style shows luke to be highly educated.He wrote from a greek perspective.
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New Testament Overview
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