Chapter 10: Nervous System; Psychiatric Terms: Symptomatic Terms

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  1. affect
    emotional feeling or mood
  2. flat affect
    significantly dulled emotional tone or outward reaction
  3. apathy
    lack of interest or display of emotion
  4. catatonia
    state of unresponsiveness to one's outside environment, usualy including muscle rigidity, staring, and inability to communicate
  5. delusion
    persistent belief that has no basis in reality
  6. grandiose delusion
    person's false belief that he or she possesses great wealth, intelligence, or power
  7. persecutory delusion
    person's false belief that someone is plotting against him or her with intent to harm
  8. dysphoria
    restless, dissatisfied mood
  9. euphoria
    exaggerated, unfounded feeling of well-being
  10. hallucinationg
    false perception of the senses for which there is no reality, most commonly hearing or seeing things
  11. ideation
    formation of thoughts or ideas
  12. mania
    state of abnormal elation and increased activity
  13. neurosis
    psychological condition in which anxiety is prominent
  14. psychosis
    mental condition characterized by distortion of reality, resulting in the inability to communicate or function within one's environment
  15. thought disorder
    thought that lacks clear processing or logical direction
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