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  1. ata
    my, of me, from me
  2. atu
    to me
  3. ata'
    with me
  4. ate'
    by me
  5. ato'
    without me
  6. eta
    your, of you, from you
  7. etu
    to you
  8. eta'
    with you
  9. ete'
    by you
  10. eto'
    without you
  11. ita
    his, of him, from him
  12. itu
    to him it� with you
  13. ite'
    by him
  14. ito'
    without him
  15. i'ta
    her, of her, from her
  16. i'tu
    to her
  17. i'ta'
    with her
  18. i'te'
    by her
  19. i'to'
    without her
  20. atia
    our, of us, from us
  21. atiu
    to us
  22. atia'
    with us
  23. atie'
    by us
  24. atio'
    without us
  25. ota
    whose?, of whom?, from whom?
  26. otu
    to whom
  27. ota'
    with whom
  28. ote'
    by whom
  29. oto'
    without whom
  30. �'ata
  31. 'atu
    to everyone
  32. 'ata'
    with everyone
  33. 'ate'
    by everyone
  34. 'ato'
    without everyone
  35. oda
    which, of what, from what
  36. odu
    to which, at which, in which
  37. oda'
    with what?
  38. ode'
    by what?, how?
  39. odo'?
    without what?
  40. ida
    that, of that, from that, those
  41. idu
    to that, at that, in that
  42. ida'
    with that
  43. ide'
    by that, thus
  44. ido'
    without that
  45. uda
    this/these, of this, from this
  46. udu
    to/at this, therefore
  47. uda'
    with this
  48. ude'
    by this, thus
  49. udo'
    without this
  50. 'ada
    every, each, all
  51. 'adu
    to everything, in everyting
  52. 'ada'
    with everything
  53. 'ade'
    by everything, by all means
  54. 'ado'
    without everything
  55. 'oda
    not, not a
  56. 'odu
    to nothing
  57. 'oda'
    with nothing
  58. 'ode'
    by nothing
  59. 'odo'
    without nothing
  60. o'ada
    not a single, no
  61. o'adu
    in not a single one, to none
  62. o'ada'
    with nothing
  63. o'ade'
    by nothing, in no way --
  64. 'eda
    any, whichever
  65. 'edu
    to anything
  66. 'eda'
    with whatever
  67. 'ede'
    by whatever, however
  68. 'edo'
    without whatever
  69. 'uda
    some, a certain
  70. 'udu
    at a certain thing
  71. 'uda'
    with something
  72. 'ude'
    by something, somehow
  73. 'udo'
    without something
  74. geda
    same, the same
  75. gedu
    to the same thing
  76. geda'
    with the same thing
  77. gede'
    by the same thing
  78. gedo'
    without the same thing
  79. ogeda
    different, the other, another
  80. ogedu
    to another thing
  81. ogeda'
    with another thing
  82. ogede'
    by something else
  83. ogedo'
    without another thing
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