Unifire Gas Fan

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    • Honda 5.5 HP, 4 cycle engine with adjustable throttle up to 3600 rpm
    • Weighs approximately 66 lbs
    • 20” prop, moves approximately 8,500 cfm
    • Adjustable tilt from –10 degree to 20 degree angle
    • On/Off switch
    • Electronic ignition
    • Fuel cutoff valve
    • Choke
    • 1 gallon gas tank, white or unleaded fuel, 60-90 min run time
    • Crankcase with .63 quarts of 30 weight oil
    • Low oil pressure sensor, automatically shuts down engine
    • 2-stage air filter
    • Spark plug with .7 to .8 mm gap
  2. USE:
    • -For mechanical ventilation of heat, smoke, and fire gases.
    • -Improves interior conditions for fire fighters and occupants
    • -Place so that opening is completely covered by cone of air
    • -Not designed to be operate in explosive or flammable atmospheres

    • Ready position:
    • Choke on
    • Ignition on
    • Fuel off
    • Throttle at ¾

    • Starting Procedures:
    • Turn on ignition, fuel valve, and choke, throttle to ¾
    • Pull starter rope until engine stutters
    • Slide choke to off and pull till starts

    • To shut off:
    • Turn fuel valve to off and allow fan to run itself out of fuel
    Always wear eye protection when cleaning

    • Daily:
    • Check fluid levels

    • Weekly:
    • Check fluid levels
    • Start fan

    • After each use:
    • Check fluid levels
    • Blow off debris with compressed air
    • Wipe down unit and clean blade with soap and water
    • Clean paper air filter with compressed air
    • Clean foam filter with detergent and warm water, rinse, dry, soak in clean engine oil, squeeze out excess
    • Refuel, check oil level, and start fan to ensure correct assembly
    • Place controls in ready position
    • Logistics services at 100 hours of operation or every 6 months
  4. SAFETY:
    • Communicate with interior crews before starting PPV
    • Fan produces CO; monitor CO levels
    • Do NOT store fan in compartment with fuel valve open
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