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  1. Super Vac P-164SE Smoke Ejector:
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    • Square, steel frame
    • explosion proof 1/3 hp, 115 vAC, 700 watt electric motor @ 1725 rpm
    • weighs 50 lbs
    • 4 blade 16” cast aluminum prop exceeds 3200 cfm
    • explosion proof switch and 2’ cord with adapter
    • 50’ extension cord with adapter
    • 2 hooks w/ chains for hanging on doors or window casings or ladders
  2. USE:
    • Used to improve interior conditions
    • Negative or positive ventilation
    • Can be used below ground
    • Used to assist natural ventilation
    • Can be used with smoke tubes to move smoke through uncontaminated areas
    • Can be used in parallel or series
    • Can be used in explosive or flammable atmospheres
    • Does not generate CO
    After use:

    1. Hose down with water at incident

    2. Remove guards and wipe down with mild soap and water

    3. Check cords and plugs for damage
  4. SAFETY:
    1. Motor and switch are explosion proof the cord and adapter are not.

    2. Make connections our of hazard zone

    3. Keep objects away from fan

    4. Verify interior crews are ready before starting ventilation

    5. Never operate with loose or damaged fan guards

    6. Monitor exposure near exhaust openings

    7. Keep people out of area of exhaust opening
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