Endocrine system

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  1. the pancreas is both
    exocrine and endocrine gland
  2. hypothalamus produces
    the hormones that are released from the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland
  3. the thyroid gland is located
    in the neck
  4. which of the following glands are mixed?
    • a gland that functions as both an endocrine and exocrine gland
    • ex: pancrease and testies
  5. what is associated with ducts?
    an exocrine gland
  6. the release of most pituitary hormones is the result of
    releasing factors secreated from thehypothalamus
  7. the thyroid gland stores the hormones
    it produces in follicles
  8. parathormone is conerned with
    the regulation of the calcium levels in the body
  9. adrenalin
    a hormone from the adrenal medulla
  10. glucagon
    secreated by alpha cells of the pancreas
  11. glucocorticoid
    an adrenal cortical hormone
  12. insulin
    secreated by beta cells of the pancreas
  13. exocrine gland
    cells produce secretions that pass into ducts or tubes and are carried by the ducts to the area where they are needed
  14. endocrine gland
    • go everywhere becuase they are carried by the blood.
    • secretions pass out cell into tissue fluid goes to circulatory system and carried by the blood
    • dustributed around the body
  15. functions of endocrine gland
    • to coordinate physiological activities of the body.
    • regulates growth, metabolic rate, blood ion, water balance, and blood sugar level.
  16. secretions of the endocrine gland
    hormones secreated in small amounts but with big effects
  17. control of the endocrine glands
    • some glands release becuase they are fired upon.
    • others release becuase of tissues in brain
  18. hormonal control of the body
    • slower reaction rate
    • continue to affect body for a long period of time
  19. neural control
    • works much faster
    • nerve impuls travels in less than a secod so response is fast
  20. negative feedback system
    • controlled by an imbalance in the hormone
    • like a thermastat
  21. pituitary gland
    • hangs down by a stalk called the infundibulum from the brain
    • fits in a depression of the sphenoid bone, size of a pea.
    • master gland of body
  22. anterior lobe of pituitary gland
    • adenohypophysis
    • special nerve cells secrete releasing factorsinto the blood and carried into anterior lobe.
  23. posterior lobe of pituitary gland
    • neural hypophysis
    • neural secreating cells empy their contents into capillary system and exits this lobe
  24. growth hormone (GH)
    • increases size and rate of reproduction of body cells and enhances movement of amino acids through the membrane
    • comes from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland A
  25. prolactin
    • milk production
    • from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland A
  26. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
    • controls secretions of thyroid gland
    • from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland A
  27. Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH)
    • control secretion of adrenal cortex
    • from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland A
  28. Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
    • deveopment of egg containing follicles in ovaries
    • secrete estrogen
    • from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland A
  29. Luteinizing hormone (LH)
    • relase of egg in female
    • from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland A
  30. Antiduretic hormone (ADH)
    • causes kidneys to reduce water excretion
    • from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland P
  31. Oxytocin
    • causes muscles in uterine wall to contract
    • from hypothalamus
    • pituitary gland P
  32. thyroid gland
    stores hormones outside the grandular cells
  33. thyroine t4 and triiodothyronine t3
    • regulates our rate of matabolism
    • from the Anterior pituitary gland
  34. calcitoin
    lowers blood calcium levels by inhibiting the release of calcium from bones
  35. parathyroid glands releases
    PTH: responsible for increasing blood calcium levels by causing a release of calcium from the bones
  36. adrenal gland
    located about each kindey and is 2 glands encased together.
  37. adrenal gland hormones
    • mineralcorticoids
    • glucocorticoids
    • adrenal sex hormones
  38. pancreas/pancreas hormones
    • have islets of langerhans
    • glucagon and insulin
  39. thymus gland
    • irregular shaped lobular mass, extends down from the neck region into the thoracic cavity.
    • covers top part of the heart.
  40. thymus gland hormone
    • thymosin: production of certain wbc
    • for immunity
  41. digestive glands
    embedded in the lining of the stomach and small intestine
  42. digestive gland hormone
    cholecystokinin: goes into pancreas via blood causing it to release powerful digestive enzymes
  43. placenta
    • endocrine gland
    • surrounds a developing fetus in the uterus
  44. placenta hormones
    estrogen, progesterones, gonadotropins
  45. testies
    carry scrotum outside of the body cavity of the make
  46. testie hormones
    • testosterone: masculines the mail
    • LH: targets testies to release testosterone
  47. ovaries
    paried structures found in the pelvic cavity
  48. ovary hormones
    • LH: affets ovaries
    • estrogen and progesterones: breast, hips, enlargement of reproductive systems
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