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  1. Quantitative
    • The use of numbers when analysing human movement
    • E.g. Six metreres, 3 seconds, 2 platers
  2. Qualitative
    • A description of quality without the use of numbers
    • E.g. Good, poor, long
  3. Give 2 examples of a specific questions
    • Is the release of the ball taking place at the instant of full elbow extension?
    • Is there excessive pronation taking place?
  4. Give 2 examples of general questions
    • Why is this shot putter not getting more distance?
    • Is the movement being performed through an appropriate ROM?
  5. What is most human movement called?
    General motion
  6. Linear Motion
    • Involves a line that may be straight or curved, with all body parts moving in the same direction, at the same speed
    • E.g. Sleeping passenger on an airplane
  7. A straight linear line is called...
  8. A curved linear line is called...
  9. Angular Motion
    Rotation around a central imaginary line (axis of rotation)
  10. General motion
    • Involves translation and rotation simultaneously.
    • E.g. a football
  11. Cardinal planes
    3 imaginary perpendicular lines that divide the body in half by mass
  12. Sagittal plane
    • The plane in which forward and backward movement of the body and body segments occur
    • (left and right sides)
    • e.g. Marching, bowling, cycling
  13. Frontal plane
    • The plane in which lateral movements of the body and body segments occur
    • (front and back)
    • E.g. Sidestepping and cartwheels
  14. Transverse Plane
    The plane in which horizontal body and body segment movements occur when the body is in an erect standing position
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