McConner Quiz 1

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  1. What type of epithelium is composed of flat cells?
  2. What are the 2 muscles of the rectus sheath?
    • Rectus abdominus
    • Pyramidalis
  3. What is the rectus sheath made up of above the umbillicus?
    External oblique aponeurosis
  4. In the rectus sheath, what artery lies anterior to the rectus abdominus muscle?
    Superior epigastric artery
  5. What are the branches of the inferior mesenteric artery
    • Left colic
    • Sigmoid
    • Superior rectal
  6. The skin is composed of what type of epithelium?
    Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium
  7. what are the functions of the skin?
    • Protection
    • Thermoregulation
    • Sensation
  8. How is epithelium classified?
    • shape
    • stratification
    • specialization
  9. Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium is located where?
    Roof of the mouth
  10. What type of tissue lines the body cavities and covers surfaces?
  11. _________ are the principle cell of the epidermis and it serves to produce the protein keratin.
  12. Specialized fascia in the subcutaneus tissue layer of the anterior abdominal wall that is for storage of adipose tissue.
    Camper fascia
  13. Epithelium that is more than 1 layer thick is called?
  14. What are the boundaries of the abdomen?
    • superiorly - thoracic diaphram
    • inferiorly - pelvic brim
    • anteriorly - anterior abdominal wall
    • posteriorly - posterior abdominal wall & lumbar vertebrae
  15. what are the contents of the rectus sheath?
    • rectus abdominus
    • pyramidalis
    • superior/inferior epigastric vessels
    • ventral rami of T7-T12
  16. Describe a dermatome.
    a specific area of skin that is supplied by cutaneous branches of a particular spinal nerve.
  17. what are the 9 regions of the abdomen?
    • right/left illiac fossa
    • right/left lumbar
    • right/left hypochondrium
    • epigastrium
    • peri-umbilical
    • hypogastrium
  18. what organ systems are found in the abdomen?
    • gastrointestinal system
    • genito-urinary system
  19. what are the six layers of the abdomen from superfiscial to deep?
    • skin
    • superfiscial fascia
    • muscle
    • transverse fascia
    • extraperitoneal fat
    • parietal peritoneum
    • (SSMTEP)
  20. what nerves innervate over the anterior abdominal wall?
    • subcostal nerve
    • iliohypogastric nerve
    • ilioinguinal nerve
    • intercostal nerves (lower 5)
    • (SIII)
  21. describe the histology of blood vessels?
    • tunica intima (epithelium)
    • tunica media (smooth muscle)
    • tunica externa (dense regular connective tissue)
  22. describe the blood supply to the rectus abdominus.
    • superior epigastric vessels
    • inferior epigastric vessels
  23. name the line that seperates the rectus abdominus from the oblique abdominal muscles.
    linea semilunaris
  24. describe superfiscial fasia.
    • Camper's layer (fatty layer)
    • Scarpa's layer (membranous layer)
  25. the acuate line demarcates:
    • lower limit of aponeurotic sheath
    • only transverse fascia below the line
    • innervated by T7-T12
  26. what are the anterior abdominal muscles?
    • external abdominus
    • internal abdominus
    • transverse rectus abdominus
  27. which vessel branches off the external iliac vessel?
    inferior epigastric vessel
  28. what is the layer of supfiscial fascia that stores adipose tissue?
    Camper's fascia
  29. What makes up the rectus sheath above the arcuate line?
    • external abdominal oblique
    • internal abdominal oblique
  30. describe McBurney's point.
    the surface marking for the base of the appendix
  31. what are the 7 landmarks of the abdomen
    • xiphoid process
    • costal margin
    • asis
    • symphysis pubis
    • linea alba
    • linea semilunis
    • umbilicus
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