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  1. type A personality scores low on what personality trait?
    openness to experience
  2. best classified as a instrumental class?
  3. When confromted with a problem with his wife the man says "it will work itself out"
    avoidant thinker
  4. Wife is upset because husband has no manners. She slaps the jello out of her husbands hand. her respone is ____.
    problem focused
  5. What is pratical intelligence?
    common sence things
  6. a woman is frustrated easliy and blows the horn if someone cuts her off. what type of personality does she have?
    Type A
  7. A way to deal with strees
  8. keeps the family connected is the job of who?
  9. this is when a person is stuck between caring for their kids and their aging parents
    sandwich generation
  10. what % of parents have reported they are sad when they have an "empty nest"?
  11. My parents cared for me for 18 years, I should not feel bad for taking care of them now
    final obligation
  12. How common is it for a child to feel resentment and anger when caring for parents?
    very common
  13. older adults who value ____, would rather pay someone to care for them than to ask a family member to help.
  14. in the year 2030 there will be more people in this age category than any other.
    elder (retirement and up)
  15. how financially prepared is the United States for the rising number of elderly?
    very unprepared
  16. longevity is determined by?
    genetics, environmental factors
  17. how long someone lives without chronic impairment
    useful life expantcy
  18. What role does environmental toxins okay in longevity?
    huge role
  19. 4th age is considered what?
    the oldest old
  20. To find a ball park in an unfamiliar town the player stops to ask directions. The player is using what memory toget to the park?
    working memory
  21. what is the key to explicit memory?
  22. when asked what 2 + 2 is the answer is considered to be ___ memory
    implicit memory
  23. last hike up a hill with friends is recalled by what happened and in what order. what memory is used?
    episodic memory
  24. continuity theory is based on what?
    what has happened and worked in the past
  25. sence the 70 year old was a teenager she thought herself to have the same personality. this is based on what?
    internal continuity
  26. demands a person has based on surroundings.
    environmental press
  27. Erikson's integrity vs. despair is based on what?
    making sense of the past
  28. Elder accepts past the had
  29. retirement is the loss of a
  30. retirement is what identity?
    occupational identity
  31. a man taught his last class and knows he will never set foot into a roomagain. what type of retirement is this?
    Crisp retirement
  32. Woman retires but returns to full or part time jobs. what kind of retirement is this?
    blurred retirement
  33. what is an example of social convoy?
    friends throughout life
  34. What makes up a hostile sibling relationship?
    resentful and aggressive
  35. majority of sibling relationships are ___.
  36. 73 year old is ill and has physical and psycholocical problems. The person is considered to be __.
  37. elder but can take bath and feed herself. she can do the ____.
    activities of daily living
  38. a person with few problems and may need help with the ADL live in what?
    assisted living
  39. Wife is unable to provide for husband. he may need some help but can do some things himself. He lives in a ____.
    limited assisted living
  40. when someone needs complete help they use
    skilled nursing
  41. most people enter a nursing home because of what?
  42. a person is using infantilization when refering to an elder as
  43. a 70 year old has demtia that causes her to leave food out to spoil. what kind of abuse is this?
  44. elder abuse is mostly caused by
  45. what is the problem of healthcare running out of money caused by?
    increased health care prices
  46. a person whi has 10 minutes with a flat EKG is considered to be
    whole brain death
  47. when someone cannot keep their heart beating without a machine they are in
    presistent vegative state
  48. euthancia is the process of ending life based on
  49. actively removing something a person needs to live
    active euthancia
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