Chapter 15: Urinary System; Symptomatic Terms

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  1. albuminuria/proteinuria
    presence of albumin in the urine; occurs in renal disease or in normal urine after heavy exercise
  2. anuria
    absence of urine formation
  3. bacteriuria
    presence of bacteria in the urine
  4. dysuria
    painful urination
  5. enuresis
    to void urine; involuntary discharge of urine, most often refers to a lack of bladder control
  6. nocturnal enuresis
    bed wetting during sleep
  7. hematuria
    presence of blood in the urine
  8. glucosuria
    glucose in the urine
  9. incontinence
    involuntary discharge of urine or feces
  10. stress urinary incontinence (SUI)
    involuntary discharge of urine at the time of cough, sneeze and/or strained exercise
  11. ketonuria
    presence of ketone bodies in urine
  12. ketone bodies/compounds
    acetone, beta-hydroxybutyric acid, and acetoacetic acid are products of matabolism that appear in the urine as a result of an abnormal utilization of carbohydrates; seen in uncontrolled diabetes and starvation
  13. nocturia
    urination at night
  14. oliguria
    scanty production of urine
  15. polyuria
    condition of excessive urination
  16. pyuria
    presence of white cells in urine, usually indicating infection
  17. urinary retention
    retention of urine owing to the inability to void (urinate) naturally because of spasm, obstruction, etc.
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