Chapter 15: Urinary System; Operative Terms

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  1. urologic endoscopic surgery
    use of specialized endoscopes within the urinary tract to perform various surgical procedures, such as resection of a tumor, repair of an obstruction, stone retrieval, or placement of a stent
  2. resectoscope
    urologic endoscope sent through the urethra to resect (cut and remove) lesions of the bladder, urethra, or prostate
  3. intracorporeal lithotripsy
    method of destroying stones within the urinary tract using electrical energy discharges transmitted to a probe within a flexible endoscope - most commonly used to pulverize bladder stones
  4. nephrotomy
    incision into the kidney
  5. nephrorrhaphy
    suture of an injured kidney
  6. nephrolithotomy
    incision into the kidney for the removal of stones
  7. nephrectomy
    excision of a kidney
  8. pyeloplasty
    surgical reconstruction of the renal pelvis
  9. stent placement
    use of a device to hold open vessels or tubes
  10. kidney transplantation/renal transplantation
    transfer of a kidney from the body of one person to another
  11. urinary diversion
    creation of a temporary or permanent diversion of the urinary tract to provide a new passage through which urine exits the body - used to treat effects of disease such as bladder cancer
  12. noncontinent ileal conduit
    removal of a portion of the ileum to use as a conduit to which the ureters are attached at one end; the other end is brought through an opening (stoma) created in the abdomen - urine drains continually into an external appliance (bag)
  13. continent urostomy
    internal reservoir (pouch) constructed from a segment of intestine that diverts urine through an opening (stoma) that is brought through the abdominal wall; a valve is created internally to prevent leakage, and the patient empties the pouch by catheterization
  14. orthotopic bladder (neobladder)
    bladder constructed from portions of intestine connected to the urethra, allowing "natural" voiding
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