AME Fire protection

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  1. 4 ways to indicate 4
    • Heat
    • smoke
    • heat rate of change
    • light
  2. What are the two catagories of detector circuits
    • Continious loop
    • spot
  3. What are 3 components of a fire detection system
    • Test circuit
    • detector circuit
    • alarm circuit
  4. What are the 2 pnuematic systems
    • Lindberg
    • Systron-Donner
  5. 3 maintenance items on a cont. loop system
    • supported every 8-10 inches
    • bend radius 3``
    • No crushing , kinking, or chafing
  6. what are the 3 types of of ssmoke detectors
    • light refraction
    • ionization
    • solid state
  7. what are 2 common extinguishing agents used in aircraft
    • CO2
    • Halon
  8. What does a missing red disk indicate
    Over temp pressure discharge
  9. What does a missing yellow disc indicate
    Shows a system discharge
  10. what is a HRD use for suppressant
    Halon 1301
  11. how does a HRD use activate
    an explosive squib breaks the flangible disc and releases
  12. how do you check the level of extinguishing agent in a HRD
    weighing the tank
  13. true or false , Squibs are life limited
  14. true or false , CO detector buttons are life limited
  15. 2 types of CO detectors
    • Solid state
    • buttons
  16. what is used as a propellant in a CO2 system
  17. why is orienting fixed CO2 bottles important
    if not oriented correctly , the pickup may not be able get all CO2
  18. What test must be done on all CO2 bottles every 5 years
    Hydrostatic testing
  19. Which loop detection circuit uses Ceramic beads?
  20. How many electrodes are used in a fenwall continuous loop?
    1 center conductor and inconel tubing is used for ground
  21. In a fenwall loop circuit what are the glass beads covered with?
    Eutectic salts
  22. How many conductors are in a kidde loop system?
    2 , one positive and one ground, also inconel tube is ground
  23. what is the material surrounding the center conductor in a kidde loop system called?
    Thermistor or thermal resistor material
  24. of the pnuematic loop systems , which one is flexible and bent by hand?
    Lindberg, Systron-Donner is rigid
  25. When checking routing of loop systems in hinge-clamped lines what must be looked at?
    that the insulators split is toward the outside of the bend
  26. What is the proper distance of the clamps supporting a loop system?
    8-10 inches
  27. What does a jetcal analyzer do?
    used to physically test a sensing element by applying a known heat to see when the alarm is activated
  28. What is a example of class A fire zone?
    Recip engine compartments
  29. What is an example of a class D fire zone?
    Wheel well or inside of wing (little or no airflow)
  30. What are the 3 continous loop systems?
    • Fenwal
    • Systron-Donner
    • Meggitt
  31. What is the benefit of a meggitt loop system?
    If the loop breaks and the gas escapes it gives a fault indication
  32. On the lindberg loop system what is the pnuematic bellows assembly that senses pressure increase called?
  33. In a loop system what is the metal called that absorbs and releases gas?
    discreet material
  34. Which spot system uses thermocouples?
  35. What is the benefit of a double loop system?
    if the positive side grounds out , it switchs polarity and still works
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