A-F Vocab 1

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  1. antipathy
    • 1. opposition in feeling
    • 2 : settled aversion or dislike: distaste

    • His well-known _______ to taxes.
    • There has always been strong ______ between the two groups.
    • The author's _________ and prejudices are obvious.
  2. comely (cumly)
    • 1. Pleasurably conforming to notions of good appearance, suitability, or proportion
    • 2 : having a pleasing appearance : not homely or plain


    A brood of _______ children that any parent would be proud to claim.
  3. cumbersome
    • 1. burdensome, troublesome
    • 3. slow-moving : ponderous
  4. ad lib
    • 1. in accordance with ones wishes
    • 2. without restraint or limit
  5. Purview
    the body or enacting part of a statute

    the limit, purpose or scope of a statute

    the range or limit of authority, competence, responsibility, concern, or intention

    The case is within the court's ___________

    That question is outside my ____________.

    The moral dilemmas of the early settlers are beyond the ____________ of this book.
  6. pro bono
    being, involving, or doing professional and especially legal work donated especially for the public good.
  7. deposition
    an act of removing from a position or authority

    a testifying especially before a court

    declaration; specifically a testimony taking down in writing under oath

    out-of-court testimony (or meeting in which this testimony is to take place) under oath and recorded by an authorized officer for later use in court.

    an act or process of depositing
  8. cognizance
    a distinguishing mark or emblem

    knowledge, awareness (had no _____ of the situation)

    notice, acknowledgment

    jurisdiction, responsibility

    antonym would be unfamiliarity
  9. abate
    v. to reduce lessen
  10. abet abetted abettor abetting
    to assist, help, encourage, incite

    She _____ the thief in his getaway

    Did he ______ the commission of a crime?
  11. abscond
    to sneak away and hide
  12. abstemious

    moderate or sparing in consumption or diet.
  13. affable
    friendly, amiable
  14. accretion

    gradual growth in size or amount
  15. anachronistic

    being out of correct chronological order
  16. bilious (bilyus)

    bad-tempered, irritable
  17. bemused

    confused, bewildered
  18. bilk
    cheat or defraud
  19. blase (blah zay)

    indifferent, unconcerned

  20. Byzantine

    complicated or intricate

    characterized by intrigue or deviousness
  21. celerity

    quickness, haste
  22. clandestine (clan destin)

    I took a _______ look.
  23. circuitous (sir Q atus)

    continuing, recurrent, habitual
  24. capitulate

    to surrender, give in
  25. confound

    to frustrate, confuse
  26. despot (desput)
    one who has total power and rules brutally
  27. dote
    to shower with excessive affection or attention
  28. ductile (ductul)
    easily molded, stretched, or persuaded
  29. duress
    hardship, threat
  30. disseminate
    to spread widely
  31. effete (efeet)
    weakly decadent or effeminate

    soft or delicate from or as if from a pampered existence
  32. eschew (es shoo)
    to shun, avoid
  33. epicurean
    having discriminating taste, especially for food
  34. emulate
  35. elan (a luaw)
    vigor, enthusiasm
  36. fastidious
    meticulous, demanding, having high and often unattainable standars
  37. fatuous (fatchoous)
    silly, foolish
  38. fetid (feh ted)
    having a foul odor
  39. flummox
    to confuse, bewilder
  40. fiduciary (Fidoosh eeary)
    n. one who holds trust

    adj. having to do with confidence or trust, especially in legal capacity
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