Chapter 19 Vocab

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  1. adjuvant therapy
    Assiting primary treatment.
  2. alkylating agents
    synthetic chemicals containing alkyl groups that attack DNA, causing breaking strands
  3. anaplasia
    Loss of differeentiation of cells; reversion to a more primitive cell type
  4. angiogenesis
    Process of forming new blood vessels
  5. antibiotics
    chemical substances produced by bacteria or primitive plants. They inhibit growth of cells and are used in cancer chemotherapy
  6. antimetabolites
    chemicals that prevent cell division be inhibiting formation of substances necessary to make DNA; used in cancer chemotherapy
  7. antimitotics
    drugs that block mitosis ( cell division ). Taxol is an antimitotic used to treat breast and ovarian cancers.
  8. apoptosis
    programmed cell death (Apo- means off, away; ptosis means to fall.)
  9. benign tumor
    noncancerous growth (neoplasm)
  10. biological response modifiers
    substances produced by normal cells that either directly block tumor growth or stimulate immune responce
  11. biological therapy
    use of the body's own defenses to destroy tumor cells
  12. brachytherapy
    radiotherapy that uses insertion of sealed containers into body cavities or radioactive seeds directly into the tumor
  13. carcinogens
    agents that cause cancer;chemicals and drugs, radiation, and viruses
  14. carcinoma
    cancerous tumor maade up of cells of epithelial origin
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