Elite B 376-500

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  1. dubious
    causing doubt; questionable
  2. truckle
    to submit in a subservient manner to a superior; fawn
  3. trenchant
    keen and forceful; caustic
  4. verity
    a widely-accepted truth
  5. affable
    friendly; easy to take to
  6. vex
    to disturb; to distress
  7. engross
    to occupy completely
  8. accost
    to apporach and speak to, usually aggressively
  9. conjure
    to summon or influence by, or as if by, magic
  10. finite
    measurable; having an end
  11. agenda
    a list of things to be done
  12. ameliorate
    to improve; to become better
  13. garner
    to get or earn; collect or gather
  14. abase
    to lower in rank or prestige
  15. revel
    to delight, to enjoy
  16. hapless
    unfortunate; unlucky
  17. acronym
    a word created by initials
  18. venturesome
    adventuruous, risky, daring
  19. vivacious
    full of animation
  20. surrogate
    a substitute
  21. boisterous
    noisy and wild; unruly
  22. feud
    a bitter, prolonged quarrel
  23. abate
    to lessen in amount, intensity or strength
  24. vignette
    a small design or portrait; a brief scene or literary sketch
  25. unwieldy
    hard to handle or manage, esp. because of size or weight
  26. delve
    to look for; to search; to investigate
  27. dogged
    refusing to give up despite difficulties
  28. careen
    to lean to one side or swerve while in motion
  29. trove
    a collection of valuable items
  30. adament
    stubbornly unyielding; impervious to pleas, appeals, or reason
  31. emissary
    a person sent on a mission to represent another
  32. bawdy
    indecent or humorously coarse; lewd
  33. byzantine
    highly complicated or intricate; characterized by devious plotting
  34. upshot
    the decisive or final result
  35. glee
    joy; happiness
  36. imposing
    impressive by virtue of size power, or manner
  37. allure
    the power to attract with something desirable
  38. laity
    all the people not belonging to a given profession, esp. the clergy
  39. baleful
    harmful or threatening harm or evil
  40. regress
    to return to a previous state
  41. altercation
    a heated or noisy argument
  42. partisan
    a strong, often militant, supporter
  43. aspersion
    a remark that attacks one's reputation
  44. troupe
    a group of touring actors, singers or performers
  45. captivate
    to capture the attention of affection of, as by beauty, excellence, etc.
  46. unfledged
    not yet grown; immature; undeveloped
  47. turpitude
    immoral behavior
  48. vigilant
    alert and watchful, esp. for what is dangerous
  49. retrospect
    the consideration of past events
  50. coterie
    a small, often exclusive group of people who associate with one another frequently
  51. anesthesia
    unawareness of pain or other sensation; drugs that cause this state
  52. wily
    full of cunning
  53. exculpate
    to clear from blame or guilt
  54. bifurcate
    to divide into two parts
  55. discreet
    careful about what one says or does; prudent
  56. avarice
    excessive desire for wealth
  57. embellish
    to decorate; to add ornamental or fictitious details to
  58. abrogate
    to cancel or repeal by authority
  59. gargantuan
    of huge size or capacity
  60. debunk
    to expose the falsehood of
  61. corps
    a group of persons working together or related by a common association
  62. wizened
    wrinkled from aging
  63. realm
    a region; a kingdom
  64. quiver
    to shake; to tremble from fear or cold
  65. frolic
    to behave playfully and without inhibition
  66. orient
    to establish one's location; the east
  67. convalesce
    to revocer from illness; to recuperate
  68. impending
    about to happen
  69. corroborate
    to strengthen; confirm; support a belief
  70. tenet
    a belief
  71. verbatim
    word for word
  72. fabricate
    to make, build; to lie
  73. zephyr
    a gentle, soft breeze
  74. dissuade
    to discourage from a course of action
  75. elated
    in high spirits; joyful
  76. conceit
    a fanciful idea or image, esp. an exaggerated poetic comparison; an extravagant construction
  77. catastrophe
    disaster; sudden misfortune
  78. variegated
    distinctly marked with different colors; diverse
  79. carouse
    to participate in a loud, drunken party
  80. vertiginous
    causing dizziness, as from spinning or heights
  81. encomium
    high praise
  82. expound
    to explain in detail
  83. dogma
    a specific set of ideas or leiefs, esp. religious or asserted to be absolutely true
  84. bereaved
    sufferning the loss of a loved one
  85. predilection
    a preference
  86. brevity
  87. tumult
    a great commotion or uproar
  88. effervescent
    giving off gas bubbles; showing high spirits or excitement
  89. outmoded
    no longer in fashion
  90. defunct
    having ceased to exist or live
  91. vindictive
    seeking revend; marked by a desire to hurt
  92. calamity
    an event causing extreme trouble and misery
  93. contentious
    always ready to argue; quarrelsome
  94. rationalize
    to come up with self-satisfying but incorrect excuses
  95. underscore
    to emphasize
  96. vitiate
    to make faulty or impre; to spoil
  97. undermine
    to weaken
  98. wallow
    to roll about lazily, in or as if in water, snow or mud; to revel
  99. ostensible
    outwardly appearing as such
  100. agitate
    to move violently; to disturb
  101. perennial
    lasting through the years
  102. transcend
    to exceed to go beyond or above the limits
  103. arrogate
    to claim for one's self unjustly
  104. benediction
  105. levitate
    to rise or cause to rise and float in the air
  106. allude
    to refer to indirectly
  107. quirk
    a rapid twist and turn; an individual mannerism
  108. vacuous
    lacking substance or intelligence
  109. watershed
    a critical point that marks a division
  110. posit
    to assume as a fact or principle
  111. bivouac
    temporary encampment, often in a unsheltered area
  112. immerse
    to cover completely in a liquid; to engage wholly
  113. acerbic
    sharp in smell and taste; harsh in tone
  114. waver
    to be uncertain or something; to sway
  115. euphoria
    a feeling of great happiness
  116. delude
    to make someone believe something that is untrue; to deceive
  117. disarming
    reducing or preventing criticism with charm
  118. epitome
    a representative example of a type
  119. juxtapose
    to put side by side, esp. for comparison or contrast
  120. holistic
    dealing with something as a whole rather than by its individual parts
  121. cultivate
    to promote growth, to nurture
  122. futile
    having no useful result
  123. vituperative
    harshly critical
  124. prototype
    the original model; someone or something that serves to illustrate the typical qualitites of a class
  125. cantankerous
    bad-tempered; quarrelsome
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