26 Mental Health

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  1. Includes but not limited to lacerations, fractured bones, burns, internal injuries, severe bruising or serious bodily harm is
    Physical injury
  2. Is harm to a child's psychological or intellectual functioning. It may be exhibited by severe anxiety, depression, withdrawal, or outward aggressive behavior or a combination of those behaviors, which may be demonstrated by a change in behavior, emotional response, or cognition
    Mental Injury
  3. Includes the employment use, persuasion, inducement, enticement, or coercion of a child to engage in or assist another person to engage in sexually explicit conduct. It is the rape molestation, prostitution, or other forms of sexual exploitation of children or incest with children
    Sexual abuse (child)
  4. Is actual or simulated sexual intercourse whether with persons of the same sex or the opposite sex, bestiality, maturbation, lascivious exhibition of the genital or pubic area of a person or animal, or sadistic or masochistic abuse is
    Sexually explicit conduct
  5. Is sexual involvement such as oral genital contact, genital fondling, and viewing or masturbation is
    Child molestation
  6. Is child pornography, sexually explicit reproduction of a child's image, or child prostitution (US code anotated title 42 1990)
    Sexual exploitation
  7. Is sexual relations between children and blood relatives or surrogate family member
  8. Any un-consented touching of another person is
  9. Hurting or intimidating someone who is smaller or weaker
  10. Any physical injury or mental injury, sexual abuse exploitation, negligent tx, or maltreatment, of a child by a parent or caregiver
    Child abuse
  11. Harm that comes to individuals from political and social structures that lead to exploitation or deprivation; may include direct violence such as war or genocide
    Structural violence
  12. Purposely taking one's life
  13. Thoughts of taking one's life
    suicide ideation
  14. Typicall refers to very young children forced or otherwise induced ito fight in military conflicts
    Child Soldiers

    hint: Toy soldiers
  15. Crisis intervention theory has four phases - what are they

    page 747
    • 1st - assessment of the client
    • 2nd - plan of therapeutic interventions
    • 3rd - involves nursing interventions
    • 4th - resolution of crisis / planning
  16. Violence in the __________

    physical assault
    verbal abuse
    psychological abuse
    sexual abuse
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