GRE top 30 word to know

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  1. anomaly*
    deviaion from what is normal

    EX: Albino animals may display too great an anomaly in their coloring to attract normal mates
  2. equivocal*
    to use expressions of double meaning in order to miss lead.

    • EX: When faced with criticism of her policies, the politician equivocated and left all parties thing she agreed with them.
  3. lucid*
    clear and easily understood

    EX: The explanations were written in a simple and lucid manner so that students were immediately able to apply what they learned.
  4. precipitate*
    to throw violently or bring about abruptly; lacking deliberation

    EX: upon learning that the couple married after knowing each other only two months, friends and family members expected such a precipitate marriage to end in divorce.
  5. assuage*
    to make somethinf unpleasant less severe

    EX: Serena used aspririn to assuaage her pounding headache
  6. erudite*
    • learned, scholarly, bookish

    EX: The annual meeting of Philosophy professors was a gathering of the most erudite, well-published individuals in the field
  7. opaque*
    impossible to see through; preventing the passage of light

    EX: The heavy buildup of dirt and grime on the windows almost made them opaque.
  8. prodigal*
    lavish, wasteful

    EX: The prodigal son quickly wasted all of his inheritance on a lavish lifestyle devoted to pleasure.
  9. enigma*
    a puzzle; a mystery

    EX: Speaking in riddles and dressed i old robes, the artist gained a reputation as something of an enigma.
  10. fervid*
    intensely emotional; feverish

    Ex: The fans of Maria Callas were unusually fervid, doing anything to catch a glimpse of the great opera singer.
  11. placate*
    to soothe or pacify

    EX: the burglar tried to placate the snarling dog by saying "Nice doggy," and offering it a treat.
  12. zeal*
    passion, excitement

    EX: She brought her typical zeal to the project, sparking enthusiasm in the other team members.
  13. abstain
    to choose not to do something

    EX: She abstained from choosing a mouthwatering dessert from the tray

  14. audacious
    fearless and daring

    EX: Her audacious nature allowed her to fulfill her dream of skydiving
  15. desiccate
    to dry out completly

    EX: After a few weeks of lying on the dessert's baking sands, the cow's carcass became completely desiccated.
  16. gullible
    easily decieved

    EX: The con man pretended to be a bank officer so as to fool gullible bank customers into giving him their account information.
  17. laudable
    to give praise to; to glorify

    EX:Parades and fireworks were staged to laud the success of the rebels.
  18. pedant
    someone who shows off learning

    • EX: the graduate instructor's tedious and excessive commentary on the subject soon gained her a reputation as a pedant.
  19. vacillate
    to sway physically; to be indecisive

    EX: the customer help up in the line as he vacilillated between ordering chocolate chip ot rocky road ice cream.
  20. adulterate
    to make impure

    EX: the chef made his ketchup last longer by adulterating it with water.
  21. capricious
    changing one's mind quickly and often

    EX: Queen Elizabeth 1 was quite capracious; her courtiers could never be sure which of their number would catch her fancy.
  22. engender
    to produce, cause, or bring about

    EX: His fear and hatred of clowns was Engendered when he witnessed the death of his father by the hands of a clown.
  23. homogenous
    of similar kind

    EX: the class was fairly homogenous, since almost all of the students were senior journalism majors.
  24. loquacious

    EX: She was naturally loquacious, which was a problem in situations in which listening was more important than talking.
  25. pragmatic
    pratical as opposed to idealistic

    EX: While daydreaming gamblers think they can get rich by frequenting casinos, pragmatic gamblers realize that the odds are heavily stacked against them.
  26. volatile
    easily aroused or changeable; lively or explosive

    EX: His volatile personality made it difficult to pridct his reaction to anything.
  27. apathy
    lack of interest

    EX: The apathy of voters is so great that less than half the people who are eligible to vote actually bother to do so.
  28. corroborate
    to provide supporting evidence

    EX: Fingerprints corroborates the witness's testimony that he saw the defendant in the victim's apartment.
  29. ephemeral
    lasting a short time

    EX: the ives of mayflies seem ephemeral to us, since the flies' average life spand is a matter of hours.
  30. laconic
    using few words

    EX: She was a laconic poet who built her reputation on using words as sparingly as possible.
  31. mitigate
    to soften; to lessen

    EX: A Judge may mitigate a sentence if she decides that a person commited a crime out of need.
  32. propriety
    • correct behavior; obedience to rules and customs

    EX:the aristocracy maintained a high level of propriety, adhereing to even the most minor social rules.
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