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  1. Personal characteristics determine belonging
    • Tomorrow meet me all together... As you love Rosalind, meet. As you love Phoebe, meet... I have left you commands.
    • Satisfy.
    • Content you if what pleases you contents you.
  2. Personal attributes v.2
    • Jacques.
    • To see no pastime, I. What you would have I'll stay to know at your abandoned cave.
    • So to our pleasures; I am other than for dancing measures.
  3. Personal attributes conclusion
    • Caesura = deliberate disconnection to people = not belonging
    • Contrasts to Rosalind = belonging is more fulfilling
  4. Commonalities/perspective
    • Forest lacking/metaphor: "toad, ugly and venomous"
    • Focus on commonality: "Give us some music; and good cousin, sing."
    • Precious jewel = forest
  5. Related text intro
    • Fundamental importance of belonging = Cricketers 1948
    • Illustrates isolation and mateship against a rigid Australian outback setting.
    • Two slender figures painted in dynamic notion = similar love for the game
    • Lack of wicket
    • Third figure = relaxed = content, at ease with environment
  6. Related text painting tech
    • Subdued yellow
    • Barren landscape
    • Deep red
    • Quick brush strokes
    • = harsh environment
  7. External factors
    • "You have trained me like a peasant...obscuring and hiding from me all gentlemen-like-qualities"
    • Caesura = emphasises frustration, wanting to belong
    • "What passion hangs these weight upon my tongue?" personified = emphasise urge to belong - but
    • "Cannot speak to her, yet she urged conference"
  8. External factors Related
    • Three figures are facing inwards towards eachother
    • Openness and a sense of inclusion
    • Third figure not in game, but still part of it - stance - similar colour scheme
  9. Belonging in many ways
    • Rosalind = sensible/realistic: "men have died from time to time...but not for love
    • Celia/Oliver = "whoever loved that loved not at first sight?"
    • Touchstone/Aud= "as the ox has his bow, so wedlock does come nibbling"
    • --> contrast combined with comedic ending = belonging in variety of forms
  10. Belonging is natural/acceptance leads to belonging
    • Setting shapes idea
    • Beginning = court = hub of corruption/political tension
    • Orlando's house = butchery, Rosalind "banish'd"
    • Duke Snr = "painted pomp"
    • High density of formal verse emphasis on lack of belonging
  11. Belonging is natural pt.2
    • Forest = contrasted
    • More frequent use of prose conveys transition from disharmony to belonging/unity
    • Acceptance and familiarity in the end
    • Characters develop relationships and right values w/o conforming to rigid social constraint
    • Natural setting = develops belonging = belonging is innate
    • Harmonious ending = "these eight...take hands"
  12. Family relationships
    • Harmonious ending contrasted to beginning of text to furthermore emphasise importance of familial
    • Oliver "bars the place of a brother"
    • "the old duke is banished by his younger brother"
    • Contrsucts this dichatomy to highlight idea that familial ties are efficacious
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